Friday, December 12, 2014

Please go read Shadow to Light's Latest Posts

If you're at all interested in seeing yet another powerful criticism of the Cult of Gnu - as if more were needed - then please take the following to heart.

Go read Shadow to Light's latest posts.

Mike is mounting a particular argument here that I find stunning in its effectiveness as well as its originality. You really should see it for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Cute. I wonder what else is incompatible with being a scientist? How about running one o’ them thar web-logging things? Do the posts lay out the hypothesis, the experimental method, the apparatus, etc.? Apparently not. Why, the articles aren’t even peer-reviewed! And where is the all-important empirical evidence? Sure, if you have comments, then data is collected, but the sample is self-selected! There’s no control group! Clearly, anyone involved in such an endeavour cannot be a scientist.

And surely the same thing goes for playing sports, or going camping, or shopping for groceries. Well, one might engage in repeated measurements of the prices at different shops, and so on… but nah, there’s too much subjective opinion involved for buying groceries to count. The good news is that a lot more science will get done, because it seems that Real Scientists™ will have to spend every waking hour doing Science! (Wait, did I say “waking” hour?? Let’s face it, sleeping is hardly a scientifically valid activity! Science is truly a harsh mistress!)

James said...

While I agree with Mike's evaluation, I'm not seeing what's particularly original about it. What am I missing, Crude ?

Anonymous said...

You can laugh, Mr. Green, but I once saw an atheist claim (apparently in earnest) that religion and science are incompatible because spending time studying the Bible means you have less time left over for scientific research.

Crude said...


It's pretty original, since I know of no one else making the point. Don't get me wrong, I think at this point most people are aware that the typical Cultist of Gnu is mentally 'off' in a few ways - taking incoherent positions, having an inconsistent attitude. So insofar as they're regularly recognized as walking parodies by most thinking people, that's not terribly original.

But Mike managed to highlight the hypocrisy on the politics front in a way I thought was effective. Good rhetoric, good dialectic. If the Cultist wants to abhor religion because it requires attitudes and behavior and thought that eschews the nice, rational, scientific approach, they can do so - and in the process, they can eschew politics as well. What's doing a good amount of the heavy lifting here is Coyne's own words - self-immolation and all that.

Mike's a rare pleasure to read, since most people tend to rehash old topics. Mike actively looks for new things to highlight, which I appreciate.