Thursday, February 5, 2015

Imitating our idiot president

I see the Idiot-in-Chief has decided that now's a good time to lecture Christians about the evil 'done in the name of God', so no one gets on a "high horse" about islamists killing and butchering people.

In that vein, a few additional reminders:

* Ladies, I know you feel strongly about spousal abuse and so on. But before you get on your high horse, remember: you girls have killed a tremendous number of children in your wombs.

* LGBT people? While many of you may rage against those who discriminate against you (or, you know, throw you off buildings or execute you in Islamic nations), just remember that AIDS was spread around heavily through male on male sexual contact and bath-house culture.

* Black people? While many of you may object to your perceived treatment by the police, including unprovoked killing of innocents, just remember: black males commit quite a large number of crimes, so don't get all high and mighty.

This is apparently an appropriate way to respond in the face of murder and terrorism, so I'm sure you collective lil' cupcakes will appreciate these reminders.


Anonymous said...

So for the benefit of anyone who's trying to keep track, deciding when life begins is apparently "beyond his pay grade", but summarising fourteen centuries of Islamic theology and jurisprudence and declaring that so-and-so isn't "real" Islam is totally within his remit.

BenYachov said...

Why is it wrong to use the term "Islamic extremist" or "Islamic Jihadist" but perfectly acceptable to say "Christian Crusader"?

Gotta luv the hypocrisy of the hard left.

The Deuce said...

Gotta luv the hypocrisy of the hard left.