Monday, March 2, 2015

Vox Day on the Moderates

Pointed out to me by Malcolm. A good couple of snippets:
There is an intrinsic conflict between the moderates and the extremists of any movement or organization. The moderates are inward-focused, conservative, defensive, and believe that public relations is the ultimate determinant of victory or defeat. The extremists are outward-focused, creative, offensive, and believe that material conditions are the ultimate determinant of victory or defeat. These two rival perspectives tend to hold true regardless of whatever the issue might be, from politics and cultural war to sports and business affairs.
Most damning of all, I think, is the observable hypocrisy of many moderates, who flagrantly violate their own advice. They are very often more than happy to insult their nominal allies and attack their own side's extremists with the very names they refuse to call the enemy. 
The last bit is important, and harkens back to what helped me shake my own far more moderate approach to these topics: I started to notice that the people who urged forgiveness and a genteel manner (usually invoking Christ in the process) would quickly turn on heel and absolutely denigrate and tear into conservatives and Christians on the wrong side of the political aisle.

It's worth noting that Vox isn't talking about political moderates strictly, but the 'moderate in tone'. You know the type: LGBT pride parade in your city, featuring bondage-Jesus making out with transvestite Mary Magdalene? Well, you have to understand the pain and hurt they're going through, they're lashing out. All they need is love - nay, friendship. Friendship! This thing denied to them by Christians. This is an opportunity to suffer (in silence, please!) for the Lord.

But if a Christian opposes Obamacare, well! What a fucking monster, hypocrite, people like this make Christians look terrible, etc.

For my part, I'm tired of it. I'm tired of Christians who only seem capable of criticizing other Christians, particularly those dreadful conservative ones. The benefit of the doubt has been lost.

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