Thursday, April 30, 2015

A lack of homosexual representation

It's impressive how every time something like this happens, the word 'homosexual' appears nowhere in the article.

I mean that. Literally impressive. Like how the Church sex scandal gets mentioned repeatedly, but it manages to be done without 'gay' or 'homosexual' ever coming up. Right up there with the carefully excised reference to race in riot situations, but man, if a white man is accused of targeting a black person with violence, it's a whole other story. Then those races are front and center - and if the alleged assailant turns out to be half-hispanic, hispanics become white upon the instant.

Edit: The article does say that the man 'said he was gay' to the cop. It's buried down in the article, it's only mentioned in the context of 'he said he was gay', and it's otherwise excised from the article.

Another example.


Jayman said...

The word "gay" does appear in the article.

Banegas, who told cops he was gay, admitted that he was “so turned on sexually he stepped toward the unconscious male and knelt down next to him” and performed oral sex for “approximately 10 seconds.”

Crude said...

It's not in the headline, and it's mentioned once in the article - and there, in the context of what he said.

It was a homosexual sexual assault. That's the case regardless of whether this guy 'says he's gay' or not.