Monday, April 27, 2015

Explaining the straw that broke the camel's back

The moment I saw liberal Christians gleefully supporting the state fining and shutting down Christian businesses for not providing service to a same-sex wedding - the moment the Randal Rausers and company started to mock and belittle people who were being sued, whose businesses were being shut down by the state, fined into a oblivion for the crime of not wanting to take part in a service they find morally abhorrent... that's when I stopped giving liberal Christians the benefit of the doubt.

Now and then I've had Christians like this say, 'Look, so we disagree on some political topics. Can't we set aside our differences and focus on what we agree on? Don't we both worship the same God?' And really, my answer at this point is 'No' and 'No'. No to the first, because there is no 'setting aside of differences' when you're giddily mocking Christians losing their businesses because they don't want to play a role in a same-sex marriage, and this remains the case even if you tortuously rephrase the entire ordeal with the word 'equality' showing up repeatedly. And no, I can no longer say we worship the same God when it becomes all too clear that whatever God you're worshiping happens to result in priorities, "morality" and "ethics" nigh indiscernible from that of people who expressly and emphatically hate Christianity.

That was the line in the sand. Anyone who crossed it, I no longer have time for. And to be dead honest? Anyone who crossed it happily, and who later rethinks it all and claims they made a big mistake, I would mentally place in a box marked 'be civil, but never trust them'. Especially if they rethink it during a sustained cultural backlash, should one ever come.


GoldRush Apple said...

Pffft. Get over it. Plus, those who crossed the line and realized that they might've made a mistake -- mistakes happen. Move on. It's the past, so it shall be buried. Anyone who brings it up needs to get a life.


Crude said...

Yeah, I noticed that interesting double standard early on.

"It's just a silly little cake. Geez. Jesus taught about love, not pastries. Bake them the pastry, it's no big deal."

'No big deal? Oh, so then denying it isn't a major event and LGBT activists should just forget it and move on?'


Son of Ya'Kov said...

They are not liberal anymore.

They are pseudo-progressive leftists.

As Dennis Prager said the Democratic party and the left have no liberals anymore.

What few that might be left(no pun intended) will join us pretty soon to be sheltered from the PC Tyranny.

Syllabus said...

Fun fact: in the suit, the plaintiffs listed, as one of the emotional distress symptoms, "Feeling mentally raped, dirty and shameful". Because someone didn't bake them a cake.