Saturday, April 25, 2015

Strawman Chronicles - Crystal Jackson Edition

A: You are so offensive that it makes my skin crawl.
B: Yeah!
C: You know, I thought I was being nice here.
A: That's no excuse!
C: All I did was ask your boyfriend's name!
A: She's not my BOYfriend! How could you assume that!
B: I'm a woman!
C: Yes, you keep saying that, but...
A: Oh here we go.
C: He's a six and a half foot tall guy who looks like a bouncer.
A: SHE is wearing a DRESS.
B: Yeah!
C: I don't care if he's...
C: ..wearing a fucking ballgown and glass slippers, he's a big hulking guy who, might I add, quite  clearly still's packing heat.
B: I just haven't completed my transition. I have a woman -inside- of me.
C: What, did you eat one?
A & B in unison: How DARE you.
C: Ugh, it's too early for this shit. And what does it mean that you have a woman inside of you anyway? Seriously, what does that cash out to?
B: I'm more like a woman than a man.
C: Aside from the fact that you look like a man and also have a dick?
A: Let's go, there's no use talking to someone so ignorant.
C: I'm ignorant? Well then teach me. Explain that woman-inside-me thing.
B: I'm more like a woman than a man!
C: Okay. How?
B: I'm sensitive.
C: So are poets.
B: I'm delicate.
C: That doesn't sound particularly...
B: I'm caring, and trusting, and gentle.
A: She KNOWS what she is.
B: And I'm bad at math.
C: ...Heh, what?
A: W-what?
B: Terrible at it. My worst subject in school. Numbers and abstract thought gives me a headache.
C: ...Go on.
B: I'm bad with engineering. Machines more complicated than iPhones frustrate me.
A: That's not..
B: I'm petty and I hold grudges, but I'm passive aggressive. I gossip. When I'm called out for doing anything wrong, I cry and beg other people to help me.
C: Hold on, B's making a pretty good argument here!
C: I don't know, I've got a woman right here testifying otherwise.
B: It's not pretty, but it's true.
A: Well, *I* am a woman, and *I* don't think ANY of this is true.
C: ..How do I know you're a woman?
C: B feels like a woman. Women are real different from men, enough that uh... 'she' knows there's a woman inside and all that. Do you?
A: NO. There's... it's not like you can just BE a woman and... ...
C: Still waiting here.
A: Of course I'm a woman, just LOOK at me, I'm...
B: *glares threateningly*
A: I-I...
C: Heh, I'm gonna let you and the girl sort this out.
A and B: Which one of us is the...
C: I'll wait for you to tell me that.


voxmaximus said...

Hello Crude,

Just thought that I would let you know I linked to your post. See here if interested:

Crude said...

Hey VM. Glad you liked it - interesting post, I may have more to say later. Nice to meet you.

GoldRush Apple said...

This sort of reminds me of Bruce Jenner's "I'm a woman, but I'm straight." He said he didn't find men attractive, so that really made me confused. (Though people were more confused, no - outraged, of him saying he was a Christian Republican.) I'm sure some tumblr PhD holder in Gender Studies and Feelings has a perfectly reasonable & persuasive explanation for a person who says he's straight, a woman and does not like men.

Crude said...

I think Jenner also said he wants his children to call him 'dad' regardless?

The thing is, I'm not kidding when I say 'Give me the reasoning.' I've asked this before, and no one seems to actually have any to give beyond 'THIS is what makes them HAPPY. LET THEM be HAPPY.' The actual issue about what it means to be this or that gender is generally avoided, because really - what will they say? When Jenner talks about always having been interested in trying on his mother's clothes, what does that even mean? That women are, on a primal level, drawn to dresses? Even the most hardcore essentialist probably isn't putting that in their 'female' category.

That said, I was pretty amused at Jenner throwing the Christian/Republican curveball. At first I thought, yeah, this sounds utterly empty / like a gimmick, yet another cultural overture and assault. But apparently he said he was pretty apathetic about the whole 'LGBT rights' thing? If he comes out and says he doesn't give a shit about gay marriage, it's going to be a sight to behold.

msgrx said...

This is, I suppose, why radfems and transsexual activists get along so poorly. If gender is entirely a social construction, then (a) there shouldn't be any transsexuals in the first place, and (b) they shouldn't feel the need to get lots of complex and invasive surgery to make their body match the gender they feel they are.

Belobog said...

It seems to me that transsexuality might make more sense from an AT perspective. I think it's at least logically possible that a person might me essentially one sex but be deficient in that they accidentally have the features of the opposite sex. To borrow an example that Ed Feser frequently uses, squirrels essentially have four legs even if a particular individual squirrel is born with only three due to a genetic defect. In the same vein, perhaps someone could be essentially female but accidentally have male genitals due to a similar defect. Of course, even if this is indeed logically possible, it leaves open the question as to whether it's an accurate description of any particular person who claims to be transsexual. It also involves a thoroughgoing metaphysical gender essentialism that I think would be anathema to the sort of people who most vocally advocate about these issues.

Crude said...

It seems to me that transsexuality might make more sense from an AT perspective.

I think it'd have a leg to stand on, insofar as it seems to out and out require some kind of essentialism just to get going - otherwise the whole thing just kind of melts into weird 'I want to do whatever I want and what I want is...' warblegarble.