Saturday, April 4, 2015

Weekend Turnabout

With the blowback from the Indiana and Arkansas laws still fresh, there've been some other happenings worth noting towards the end of this week.

Memories Pizza in Indiana was found by a story-fishing reporter, out on the prowl for signs of bigotry and hate in the state of Indiana. Apparently the best she was able to pull up was a pizza parlor whose owners said they'd serve gay couples, but wouldn't want to cater a same-sex wedding.

One dishonest headline later (Along the lines of ''Restaurant says they'd refuse to serve gays!"), and the tolerant, progressive forces of the world are on the march to destroy the business completely.

Cue the Yelp defacing, the death threats over the phone and twitter, and the all-out attack by Progressives, and the shop's ready to close for good. A necessary sacrifice on the Progressive altar! Complete with half-hearted disavowals from progressives like, 'Death threats are bad, buuuut it's good to see people have no tolerance for hate.'

None indeed.

Anyway, a conservative radio personality steps in, starts a Gofundme campaign, and at this point they've got close to a million dollars to support them for their trouble. A nice show of support in and of itself, but what I find interesting in the above linked story is the reaction to the reporter attempting to cause a little trouble for the fundraising effort.

Apparently a local CBS affiliate's reporter decided to report the Gofundme campaign for fraud 'Just in case.' She got noticed. Cue the contacting of the station - her employer - and a sudden upswing in internet anger. Suddenly she's forced to apologize, not to mention (transparently) lie.

Terrible shit, these internet mobs, but apparently this is the way of the world now.

Meanwhile, . This in particular is fascinating to me, since it's a unique form of explicit anti-SJW pushback in territory that is normally seen as the friendliest to SJWs - fiction and media, and 'democratic' voting. Vox's side looks as if they were able to absolutely storm into the Hugo awards (making Vox himself a multiple-times Hugo Award nominated individual - not bad for a guy kicked out of the SFWA!) with their fans.

Who the awards will actually go to remain anyone's guess, but if by some stroke of luck Vox himself pulls and award, prepare for all hell to break loose.

This is worth watching in particular because it offers the potential of a blueprint of SJW pushback. Any conservative or even non-SJW victory in the realm of culture is important to pay attention to.


The Fez said...

I am yet cynical that meaningful push-back against the shrill petulance of the SJW crowd is still possible. At least possible to the extent that some salvageable vestige of God-fearing, private American life can be reclaimed.

Vox's potential triumph may be, simply, a small victory in a rapidly diminishing series of small-victories against civilization flipping loon-bats.

Still, the optimum response to the SJW crowd seems to follow a typical pattern:

A.Recognize with no uncertainty that they posses the same characteristics of ill-raised, manipulative children capable only of guile or impertinence

B. Coldly refuse or ignore their demands, regardless of the veracity or intensity of their threats

C. Get back to the actual business of propagating culture and civilization by contributing to it through literature, arts and media.

Crude said...

Vox's potential triumph may be, simply, a small victory in a rapidly diminishing series of small-victories against civilization flipping loon-bats.

The main difference here is that there's normally no victories at all, nor is there pushback. I know better than to think this hails the coming return of some great Christian civilization. At the same time, it's something, and it's worth keeping track of what works when and how.

But we may be able to chart a course for a future where a diversity of thought - and a diversity of religious life - exists in better care and on better terms than the ones Team SJW would like to hand out.

The Deuce said...

Sad Puppies and GamerGate are indeed blueprints to follow for pushback against SJWs. The fact is, they are few in number, heavily astroturfed and made to seem bigger than they are by a pliant media, and when subjected to their own tactics or anything similar, they turn out to be paper tigers, as that CBS reporter just illustrated.

I don't know if you've seen it, but GamerGate's mass email campaigns managed to cost Gawker ALL the advertisers they had at the time. This stuff WORKS.

For those that are open to reason and fair play, Edward Feser's advice of standing up and arguing for the truth without fear is key. For those who reject reason and insist on totalitarian witch-hunts, manufactured outrage, threatening of livelihoods, and other mob tactics, they need to be forced to live by their own rules, and relentlessly countermobbed and ridiculed by superior numbers until they learn their lesson.

The Deuce said...

Oh, and here's the effect that we in GamerGate have had on Gawker as a result:

malcolmthecynic said...

A fantastic Hugo result! I'm thrilled to see Wright on there so much, he really deserves it.