Thursday, April 30, 2015

When SJWs Show Their True Colors

So what happens when SJWs get furious about a weight loss/protein supplement ad that suggests maybe some people don't have 'beach body ready' physiques? They complain, and sign petitions, demanding the ad be withdrawn while talking about how sexist and body-shaming it is.

Alright. Annoying perhaps, insofar as I disagree with them, but such is life.

Now, what happens when the CEO of the company tells them to get bent and rejects their arguments altogether - and in public - to the celebration and support of purchasers?

That's simple.

The government steps in and censors their ad.

To the delight of said SJWs.

All that bullshit about 'we just want to criticize, is that so wrong?' that they mouth off about now and then is exactly that: bullshit. Their interest in criticizing is predicated on getting results. Not 'the possibility of results', but immediate results. If that doesn't work, they have very little trouble flat out censoring you if it's within their power.

And, it turns out - it often is.

Which is exactly why they have to be resisted at all levels. These are not people you can negotiate with. They do not live and let live. They do not agree to disagree - unless they are pinned, helpless, and are looking desperately for any way out so they can scurry away to immediately plot their revenge.


The Fez said...

I am currently attempting to imagine a world where depictions of beautiful people are no longer allowed.

It won't come to that. Probably.

In any case, we're nearing that event horizon where there is no inversion of general goodness that is too ludicrous. Wait until the very act of reading is scandalized by illiterates who cite literacy-shaming as source of immense psychological anguish. Then realize that this is close-to-reality. Many teaching at our highest learning institutions are discouraged, or outright prohibited, from pointing out grammatical/spelling errors made by their students.

The pushback against those attempting to remove the add has been encouraging, however. As far as I see it, the SJW movement has already reached self-parodying critical mass. There was a case recently where Asians on a university campus protesting microaggressions were, incredibly, accused of microaggression and then compelled to apologize. Even the most obtuse dolt can read between those lines.

Crude said...

It won't come to that. Probably.

We're already within a hair's breadth of it with advertisements. 'Unrealistic standards of beauty' may well do a number on ad campaigns.

I saw the microaggressions thing and got a kick out of it - the asian groups in general always seem to be trying so, so hard to be offended, but it doesn't work so well when...

Actually, I think I'll write something up about that.