Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why voting Republican matters.

I think the outcome since the last election should make one thing clear: those who say that both political parties in America are basically exactly the same, beholden largely to the same interests, should take a good look at what's transpired since 2014.

In particular, what has taken place since the Democrats took control of the house and the senate:

An utter capitulation to plans to tolerate, even encourage, illegal immigration in America.

The prioritization of foreign workers over American workers.

 The unwillingness to even consider any restrictions on abortion, even after 20 weeks.

 Total capitulation and even demands for support of same-sex marriage.

 Near total capitulation in the fight for religious protection, such that now it's acceptable to destroy businesses that refuse to provide service to same-sex weddings.

 All this, not even a year since the election results! Really, how can anyone seriously maintain that voting for the Republican party in the house and the senate makes no difference, seeing what Democrat control of the house and senate has wrought in so short a time? How blind can we be? 

Does anyone seriously believe all this would have taken place if it was the GOP who won last November? How in the world could anyone be so naive?

(Note: I'm still waking up here, and I have the nagging feeling I got something wrong in my evaluation of all this - but I can't place my finger on what. I'm sure it'll come to me later.)


ccmnxc said...

Pardon my slowness, but this piece is said in irony, correct?

Crude said...

Yeah, I know the actual election results. But man, doesn't it make every bit as much sense as if said results went the exact opposite way?

Pardon me, I can't resist getting cute with this stuff sometimes. Trying ot have fun.

ccmnxc said...

Sometimes the cynical part of me just thinks that voting Republican will just drag out the collapse process for even longer, whearas voting with Democrat, things should get obviously ugly fairly quickly before collapse and hopefully, reconstruction.

B. Prokop said...

Thank you, ccmnxc. I read through this piece several times before reading the comments, and all I could think was, "What is crude smoking? Does he live in Colorado?"

Just got back from spending the weekend at my extremely liberal brother-in-law's. I pitched my 8 year Dem/Rep postwar presidential cycle to him, and he wouldn't hear it. He was adamant that, for the sake of all of our futures, Clinton must win in 2016. I remain convinced we're in for 8 years of Republican presidency, whether we like it or not.

If Ginsberg wants to be replaced by a like-minded justice, she'd better think about retiring very soon!

The Fez said...

It's difficult not to feel politically impotent when you put it like that.

Funny, though, that the Republicans allow the progressive agenda to continue unabated, even though they have the unmitigated power and opportunity to start rolling it back, and are yet still assailed and vilified by the left anyway. How weak can you be?

Pretty weak, as it turns out.

Son of Ya'Kov said...

The final nail in the coffin will be if we can have a Republican President with a Republica congress and they still refuse to repeal Obama care & stand up for religious liberty.