Saturday, August 15, 2015

Be suspicious of any political party...

...That more and more emphasizes the importance of defeating the other party, than in actually passing legislation or governing in a way you find desirable.

And no, saying 'In order to pass X/do Y, we need to defeat the other party!' doesn't circumvent this.

The Establishment currently seems bewildered, and a bit scared, that the mere defeat of the opposing party is no longer enough of a prospect to motivate their would-be supporters. It turns out these voters want some action. And not just failed, half-hearted attempts, but victories.


Mike said...

While I certainly agree with the content of your post (I generally do), I'll admit my first thoughts were that the title itself ("Be suspicious of any political party") were enough by themselves. :-)

Crude said...

Yeah, you'd think so. But I also know there's this temptation, a strong one, to say 'But at least they're not the other guy.'

This election, I found myself out and out saying, 'If Jeb Bush is victory, give me defeat.'

planks length said...

The only candidate I was the least bit interested in was
Rand Paul, and it doesn't seem like his campaign is going anywhere. Pity.

Crude said...

Rand Paul I like, but I admit... he doesn't seem too impressive.

Trump? What Trump is doing any saying is as valuable as passed legislation.

planks length said...


Is your last sentence garbled?
I can't make any sense out of it.

Crude said...


What Trump is doing and saying is as valuable, or more valuable, than actually passing some good legislation.

Is that more clear?

planks length said...

Yup! Thanks!