Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pope says he wanted to enter US through Mexican border

So sayeth EWTN.

I will straightforwardly admit that when it comes to immigration issues, the Church's performance as a whole has been utterly hypocritical and dishonest. And if the Pope wants to pit American Catholics against illegal immigrant Catholics, he deserves to end up with what would likely happen - Trump PR-torpedoing him in public over his disdain for a sizable portion of the Church.


Vand83 said...

One thing is for sure, if the Pope were to cross the Mexican border, he would be doing so legally. Maybe that's something that would be worth pointing out to anyone trying to capitalize on the symbolism of such an occasion.

Crude said...

I have a very low tolerance for symbolic actions which amount to little more than 'Look at me' or 'This issue is important you guys'. Even when it's the Pope doing it.

The fact that he decided to give a mass in Spanish, inside the US, is worse.

What's the lesson there? 'You have no responsibilities as an illegal immigrant! Cross whatever borders you please, sap whatever resources you require. Hell, don't even learn the language if you don't want to. And if anyone regards your actions as problematic, they're sinners!'?

Vand83 said...

Symbolic gestures don't do much for me either. Part of the reason I converted. Grape juice and crackers were fun once a year as a child, but as I matured something just seemed a bit......pointless.

But, using their intentions against them can be fun. Take Trump's disrespect of "holy communion". I literally laughed out loud when some Catholics were so scandalized by his comments. A good portion of which, probably didn't believe in the real presence to begin with. A point I'm happy to bring up in discussion.

So, if anyone wants to latch on to the symbolic nature of the Pope's crossing of the Mexican border, I'll be happy to point out how his crossing was done legally. Then point out how our neighbors to the south should respect and imitate the Pope.