Thursday, October 15, 2015

Vox on Churchians

To be perfectly honest, Vox is right.

If anything, he's not harsh enough.

I'm tired of these political hacks in preacher's clothing, feigning belief in a religion that only seems to interest them insofar as it has immediate political use. I'm not going to pretend their lectures are worth listening to, even for a 'dialogue'.

They are Churchians, not Christians, not even theists. It's time they were showed the door.


Athena Carson said...

Did you mean this link instead?

IlĂ­on said...

So, when are you going to apologize to me?

That was a rhetorical question, of course. For, after all, if what it takes to cease being a hypocrite is to admit:
1) that I was right, all along, about calling sluts 'sluts';
2) but more importantly, that you were in the wrong in spreading lies about me;
you'll stick with being a hypocrite.

Crude said...

So, when are you going to apologize to me?

You're owed no apology, Ilion. You were wrong then, you're wrong now, and worse, you exposed yourself as a liar and a bitch besides.

Seriously dude, look at you. Look at how you act. I disagree with you, I tell you off, and for literally years - years! - you whine and pout up a storm. Every bit of behavior that could possibly be extracted from Delicate Stefan's Guide to Being a Limp-Wristed, Petty Fop, you have put into action over the years.

Including, by the way, lying through your teeth.

"Spreading lies about you"? Bullshit. That was a charge you came up with well after the fact, once it became clear to you that 'Crude made fun of me and told me off, after I ineffectively lectured him!' was pegging you as just a wee bit too much of a pansy. Hence why your go-to statement is 'You spread lies about me!' but you're always tremendously vague. You never cash it out, throw down the gauntlet and show these 'lies'. Because it'll be 'Ilion is an effeminate bitch', which not only is no lie, but it's a charge you've substantiated over the years in spades.

I was right about Limbaugh. He made a mistake calling her a slut, for two reasons: A) He didn't even have an act she engaged in onhand. He had speculation - reasonable speculation, but speculation all the same - about potential acts she may engage in, and from that, he got cutesy. Despite what you think, fighting SJWs is not a matter of simply insulting everyone and anyone who opposes you, at any opportunity. B) He didn't have the intention, or the temerity, to make the point you attributed to him as making anyway, which further exposes how what he did was a tactical blunder.

Now, I say all this to you, but you don't get it. Because, really, this isn't about logic, or reason, or disagreement. This is about you being unable to cope with being called out on your bullshit, under the apparent mistaken belief that my agreeing with you quite often meant I would have your back forever and for all time, even when you lectured me in a pompous manner.

For God's sake, just let it go and suck it up you incredible pussy.

Crude said...


Correct, and thank you. I'll update.

B. Prokop said...

From Vox Populi: "The term “illegal immigrant” is a misleading and dishonest term, which violates the 9th commandment."

How so? How does using that term violate the commandment against coveting your neighbor's wife?