Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Safe Space for Marriage

A same-sex marriage doesn't harm you at all. In fact, being forced to provide a wedding cake custom-made for a same-sex wedding, or take photos of the same-sex couple, doesn't harm you at all.

And yet...

Having a speaker show up on your campus, if you find their views objectionable, is a horrific offense which requires 'trigger warnings', protests, and a safe space, because simply encountering their views is enough to Do Real Harm.


Syllabus said...

This happened at Hopkins. The head of Hopkins Feminists and a few other groups found the invitation of Alan Dershowitz as a speaker so triggering that they wrote up a petition asking that he be disinvited. Thankfully, no such thing is happening. But really, the petition was a masterwork of stupidity and overwrought-ness. There were invocations of "his presence will make students feel unsafe hurr durr durrrrr", and so forth.

GoldRush Apple said...

I would agree that it doesn't "harm" me, but it does negatively effect my marriage.

No longer is marriage between one man and one woman, solely. When I teach my future kids that homosexual acts are wrong and that same-sex "marriage" is an actual man-made social norm, a created right in disguise as a natural right, and when they go to school and say this my child and I are in trouble with the school's administration. The likeliness of me being charged with psychological child abuse is high.

If my child turns out to be non-straight, comes "out of the closet" to me, and if I don't fully accept his sexuality I'd be cast as the close-minded, hateful father. I won't attend his wedding therefore causing more strain between my wife, other family members and my son. If I want to keep things on good terms I would have to swallow my pride and my faith. Have you've ever been to a secular ceremony? They suck. The only saving grace is the open bar at the reception.

Upon reflection, yes, same-sex "marriage" does harm me. Not physically, though. The effects aren't immediate, but down the line I can see it making me wish I was my old liberal self. I will have to treat things that aren't equal as equal and make myself believe that everything is just A-OKAY.

And speaking of campus trigger warnings and "safe places":

Crude said...


What I find interesting here is that, on the one hand, it was alleged - and still is alleged - that there is absolutely, positively no 'harm' whatsoever to straight people, Christians, married couples (of whatever beliefs), etc in allowing same-sex marriage. Even being forced to lend your services to the ceremony doesn't harm you.

But 'microaggresions', etc, are harmful.

To anyone reasonable, accepting the latter should automatically give a moment's pause with regards to accepting the former. At the very least, there is a blatantly apparent contradiction. Yet few will admit to it. I believe few will admit to it because I am largely dealing with irrational and/or dishonest people.

Sometimes when I say things like this, people balk. It would mean that the number of irrational or (worse) dishonest people is very sizable. And yes, it does mean that.

That's the state of the world we live in.

Brian said...

Hey, Crude. This will be off-topic, but maybe you can give me your quick opinion on something. I have been out of the loop on the whole Papa Francis will plunge the Church into heresy thing, and I just got through reading these two articles:

Is this all for real? Or are people working themselves into a frenzy and projecting doom when the reality is less dramatic?

Crude said...


No, I think the fear is real. I'm not sure about doom, but I do think Francis is about to further damage the Church.

What I suspect, based on what I've read, is that the Pope is going to basically squirt ink on this topic rather than out and out teach heresy. Something along the lines of, 'Marriage cannot be dissolved, it is until death. However, who's to say whether a given marriage is valid? Local priests and bishops will have to determine this with the married and divorced. Ultimately they'll have to go with their personal consciences and gut feelings.'

Which will immediately be interpreted creatively by liberal bishops as 'Basically no marriage is valid if someone tells me they don't think it was valid, no matter what all the evidence indicates, and now your current marriage IS valid.'

I say this as someone who tried to give Francis the benefit of the doubt many times, who though people may be overreacting at first, etc. But I'm not blind.

Put simply, we have on our hands a real shitty Pope. Not our first one.