Monday, November 2, 2015

Muslim Immigration in Europe?

Frankly, I'm not sure what to think.

Part of me wants to see the Europeans resist, and help make stir both nationalism and the recognition of citizens' rights in their own country again. I see demonstrations going on in opposition to the massive immigration and I get hopeful.

Part of me sees the other half of Europe - those idiots showing up en masse to greet migrants with balloons and teddy bears - and I wish the immigration rates quadruple, so I can enjoy the spectacle of french and german women wearing burqas out of fear in their own countries.

This would all be easier if the people who were pro-massive-immigration could all be sectioned off into particular areas of the country and forced to live among the migrants, while everyone else could have their enclaves to themselves.


B. Prokop said...

I am extremely pessimistic about most of Europe right now. It's hard for me to imagine a good outcome to all this.

The only ray of hope is Poland. Although it too has been somewhat affected by the poisonous trends destroying Western Europe, so far it's been to a much lesser extent. And have you been paying attention to her newly elected President? I love the viral video where he leaps out of his seat during an outdoor Mass to rescue an errant consecrated Host (apparently blown off the altar by the wind), and the reverence with which he carries it to a nearby priest.) But how can even a faithful Catholic Poland survive in an atheist/Muslim sea? That didn't work so well for Armenia.

Crude said...

I think this is a problem that goes beyond Christianity.