Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sympathy for the Atheist

I'm harsh about atheists, and most of that is directed towards the Cult of Gnu. But the fact is, I feel some sympathy for the modern atheist in one respect: imagine how many of them must feel right now if they actually believed that shit about atheism being all about free thinking and not being ashamed about sex.

It didn't take a decade - I'm pretty sure, not even half a decade - before more than half of the free-thinking anti-prudes took their masks off and, behold: they were SJWs. Atheism+ jackboots ready to lecture the world about how ashamed they should be about everything from being white to how men sit on the subway to the sexually attractive women in every piece of media they own. Their free-thinker allies suddenly informed them they'd better shut up about feminism, blacklivesmatter and everything else, unless they plan on pledging unrelenting support. Freethought is rightthought, not badthought.

Hell, they can't even criticize Islam without walking a minefield, if they can do it at all.

You may think this is a bit of schadenfreude, and I'm taking some pleasure in the atheists who woke up backstabbed, and let me assure you, from deep within the confines of my soul that, yes, that is completely true.

But just as true is the fact that it's not all humor. I do feel sorry for the betrayed atheists. They spent years thinking that, finally, they'll be able to jerk off to Princess Leia in peace if only they chase off Sister Mary Prudence. Then, the moment it looks all clear and their pants are around their ankles, Brianna Wu grabs their wrist and growls, "Not so fast!"


Legion of Logic said...

Very rarely co I agree with the average New Atheist, but the vast majority of the times I have are when I'm reading brawls between them and the Atheism+ crowd. Insanity is apparently exponential, because Atheism+ is more than twice as nutty as social progressivism or New Atheism.

GoldRush Apple said...

When you base your worldview on "nothing" besides feelings and "as long as you don't hurt anyone" you are left to make things up, to deliver a patched up pseudo-philosophy through your ass, and when people don't buy it you're surprised and angered that they don't.