Saturday, November 7, 2015

The appeal of Ben Carson

Alt conservatives keep talking about Ben Carson's popularity being due to white guilt. As Vox says, he's the get-out-of-racism-free-card candidate in their eyes, the guy whose main appeal is that he can be a black man conservatives support, shield them from charges of being evil bigots.

Yep. There's probably some truth to that. But I think the reasons to support him go beyond that for a long-game conservative.

See, the alt-right thinks Carson is a joke. But the mainstream left is terrified of Carson. People like Carson are an existential threat to the modern democratic party, which frankly functions as a religious organization for the modern American leftist. The idea of a major campaign by The Enemy, led by a member of what amounts to their most loyal pet class, is frightening to them. It introduces the possibility that the currently near-100%-locked black vote may end up being up for grabs. That wouldn't be merely inconvenient for the Democratic party - it would be an existential threat.

Now, I don't care for Carson. He's pro-TPP, he's too soft on most things I care about, and he seems exactly like the sort of guy who would turn into a dupe for the ruling class if he did gain power. But take Trump out of the equation and I'd be tempted to back Carson. I wouldn't expect major policy victories from him, but four years of leftists being forced to dump hatred on a black brain surgeon turned politician would be quite a sight.


malcolmthecynic said...

I looked up Carson's immigration policies, laughed, and said "Yeah, no". I'd take Cruz over him and Trump over Cruz.

But as soon as I saw the pyramid video surface, I said "Here it comes". It's actually fascinating, like the media all got together in a room wearing hooded robes and decided collectively that Something Must Be Done about Ben Carson. The stupidest, most unimportant accusations, even outright, blatant lies, are being thrown at him. Irrelevant anecdotes from who knows how many years ago are being surfaced.

It's fascinating. He really is the anti-Trump. The media can't take down Trump because he doesn't give a shit. The media can't take down Carson because he genuinely doesn't have any real scandals.

Crude said...

Plus Carson seems to have learned just enough from Trump to stay in the game - he keeps coming out swinging whenever they DO try to take him down. This Politico thing blew up on them.

B. Prokop said...

I'm not a Ben Carson supporter (I'm not supporting anyone at this point), but I do think he's getting a super raw deal from the media. It's almost impossible to watch Chris Matthews lay into him for not using the precise technical language to describe his being offered a place at West Point. I read Dr. Carson's account, and yes - he doesn't use the correct language (e.g., there are no "scholarships" to West Point), but nothing in his story is factually untrue. Yet Matthews all but calls him a liar. And I might have to leave out the "all but" (but I can't bring myself to watch the Hardball segment again to check).

And as for what he thinks the pyramids were built for, who gives a rat's ass? I wouldn't care if he thought they were supposed to be casinos. So what?! Just what does that have to do with his qualifications or otherwise for the presidency? (Hint: Nothing.)

Crude said...


For once, I'm in basic agreement.

As for the scholarships with West Point: the distinction they're relying on is, apparently, one not even West Point recruiters recognize.

I agree about his Pyramid talk.