Thursday, December 17, 2015

Did the Cultists of Gnu learn anything?

Having a pleasant discussion with John Mitchell in the comments. I now wonder if a sizable amount of Gnus are ready to realize that New Atheism was a bad idea. It didn't go a decade before being subverted by SJWs, who turned out to be a far bigger, far more proximate threat to atheists than Christianity has been in centuries.

Is it possible? Do they recognize this?

I wonder.


B. Prokop said...


I am linking you to THIS ARTICLE, because I am certain you'll love it!

I especially love the part where black students are now demanding separate but equal (a.k.a., "safe") spaces within each campus building.

Crude said...

Hey Bob.

Yeah, I saw this. Frankly, I hope the students get everything they're demanding. Not because I think they're at all correct, but because I would love to see Oberlin have to close shop within 1-3 years due to it.