Monday, December 14, 2015

Gambling on Trump.

When people talk to me about Trump, what they don't seem to get is that there's two aspects of my support for the man.

The first is the practical, here-and-now dividends I think Trump's existence in the race is paying in the culture wars. As someone who has spent a good chunk of his life watching 'conservatives' cower in fear of the dreaded 'racist' label - leading to act upon act of groveling, whimpering, and betrayal - I regard Trump's candidacy as a windfall. Not a potential windfall, should he win office. A real, honest-to-God bolt of electricity that has made given life and energy to nationalists and cultural defenders. The effect Trump is having on discussions about the border, about nationalism, about immigration, about #blacklivesmatter, is tremendous. Even if Trump is lying about every position he holds, even if he's just some kind of Manchurian candidate who is going to turn into Bernie Sanders if he wins, the value of his willingness to stand up defiantly against everyone from the media to the GOP establishment is incredible.

But the second reason? I regard him as a worthy gamble. Look - I'm not so naive as to think that Trump is a hardcore right-wing nationalist who was only pretending to be a left-of-the-road New Yorker all these years. It's a nice fantasy, but it's not something I'd bet much money on. People say 'Trump is a salesman - a good one! He'll say anything to get elected. But he's not guaranteed to do what he says!' think they're selling me a reason not to endorse him, but instead they're actually coming close to a major reason I support him: that he seems like a political wildcard.

I know what I'm going to get with Hillary Clinton. Wall Street servitude, leftist social issues and appeasement to an increasingly delirious SJW and corrupted culture. Not interested.

However, the GOP isn't much better. Remember that Trump rose to prominence when Jeb! was supposed to be the anointed candidate, and Rubio was considered to be the backup plan. Oh boy, a State of the Union address probably delivered in Spanish, amnesty, and yet more betrayal on every issue I consider worthwhile. On the upside, I'd be sure to see tax cuts on multinational corporations that do things like demand states veto their religious rights bills or forbid the presence of a confederate flag in their stores, and nominating SCOTUS justices like those famous GOP nominees, Kennedy and Souter.

How can I pass that up? Goodness. Yet somehow, I find it in me to pass.

Some people are bewildered about this, and take two tacks with me.

First is, 'What Trump is saying is racist. He's making us look bad. He's ruining the GOP brand. This is going to hurt our outreach with hispanics and blacks and women, running a guy like this.' To this I can simply say, nothing he's said is racist, and this kind of perpetual fear - and this belief that the only route available is amnesty for illegals, open borders, and cultural surrender on every point - no longer is something I'll entertain. Been there, done that. If you tell me that the American right has no power or will to do anything but roll over, but hopefully pass some tax cuts on the way, then 'let it burn' becomes to me the moderate position. 'Pour gas on the fire' will be my preference, and President Sanders can work his magic.

Second is, 'I'd rather at least get 3% of what I want with a President Rubio than 0% with a President Hillary.' This is usually offered up as the wise, crafty approach: 3% > 0%, ergo, this is the path of wisdom. Once again: if these are the scraps we're fighting over, then to hell with the project. And don't tell me we're laying the foundations for future successes by being pragmatic now. I lived through the GOP holding the senate, the house, and the presidency at once, and it holds two of those things now. Nothing of lasting value was accomplished, and it's because what I regard as valuable, the GOP kingmakers regard as toxic.

Again, no thanks. With Trump, I get to roll the dice, and I pick up some nice cultural victories on the way - something which actually may result in people building upon them, with a bit of luck. If the modern GOP is destroyed in the process, well - little of value will have been lost. In the meantime, I'm starting to like this recent turn of events, where ideas like 'American interests come before foreign ones', 'Illegal immigrants should be sent packing', 'Blacklivesmatter is a farce' and more are said on TV and defended openly, rather than whispered on blogs. I think I'd rather live my life standing by these values - even if they tarnish that precious GOP 'brand' - rather than pretending that, good golly, what would really benefit this country is a few million Syrians and 20 million H1-B visas.


Craig said...

On the first point, you're absolutely right. I dismissed Trump way back in his first wave of celebrity in the late '80s, and his second wave didn't touch me, but I have to admit that as of right now, he's done yeoman's work at broadening the Overton window in the right direction.

On the second point, you make a good case. At the moment I'd still pick Cruz over Trump, but it's a judgment call. And talking about handing the election to Hillary doesn't impress me.

Crude said...

At the moment I'd still pick Cruz over Trump,

I like Cruz, and have liked him for a while. I hold him no real animosity. The only thing that worries me is this: Cruz is crafty. And crafty worries me nowadays. With Trump, I know I'm gambling. I'd gamble on Cruz too. But when he did his about-face on Obamatrade - right precisely at the very, very last minute, when of course his vote no longer was essential to pass it - I was incredibly ticked off. That really smacked of a straightforward lie.

Which I'm going to be tolerant of to a point, but up until that point Cruz didn't do something I regarded as that shady.

And talking about handing the election to Hillary doesn't impress me.

If I have to choose between Jeb! and Rubio, then yeah - I'd like to hand the election not just to Hillary, but Sanders at that point.

The reason I talk like that is not because I'd love a Hillary win - I'd despise it. But when we're hitting the point where the GOP is running spanish-talking amnesty-granting hawks who just love to talk about how importance bipartisanship and compromise are, I want them to lose badly. They rely on the desperation of voters to pull off what they do - the "This is the most important election ever so be sure to back our guy even if he disagrees with you on 97% of everything" feeling. And they've decided that they can run off those fumes alone - they don't even need to deliver on any promises whatsoever. Compromise is for us, not then.

I just won't play that game. I'd rather see Koch's businesses ruined or nationalized if I had the chance.

The Fez said...

Straight out of the 'cuckservative' NRO, a positive, sober look at Donald Trump:

Having read through his agenda, it is emphatically right of center, but not violently so. While he is typically portrayed as a loud-mouth baboon, I suspect that his intentions would be that of any seasoned businessman who would take the helm of a deflated corporation - apply a series of remedial strategies that will result in long-term growth.

Secondly, there are arms to his agenda that literally any liberal would support were it not "OMG Trump." Liberalization and de-federalization of drug laws, and moderate economic protectionism that shields American manufacturers and blue-collar labor are typically Democrat plays. In fact, I would say that there is (at least for the liberal) an uncomfortable overlap between Bernie Sanders and Donald trump. Both run the populist, blue-collar angle, and both have similar outlooks with respect to putting the American worker first.

He's also the only candidate I've noticed who has mentioned anything about our most defunct area of government involvement: Mental Illness.

Good or bad, I'm glad he's in the race.

Son of Ya'Kov said...

The two things I don't like about Trump are I sometimes doubt he is sincere in his conservationism and sometimes he comes off as nuts(thus I see Carly or Cruz as the sane alternative). Also that bit about killing the families of the terrorists is immoral thought I do believe Trump isn't really serious about it and would never be allowed to do it.

The "don't let Muslims in" thingy was clearly distorted by the media.

My wife seems put off but I think if he wins I would vote for him & I dismiss the talking heads who say he can't win over lady McBeth/Hillary. These are the same people who said we had to get behind "electable" guys like Romney and McCain and we wind up loosing elections anyway.

Enough already.

Anyway I will say this about Trump even thought I am suspicious of him. He moved the race to the right and has beaten down the establishment. Good on him for that.


PS saw SW e7 it was better than the other six films.