Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Peggy Noonan stars in ad encouraging the use of 'Cuckservative'

Alright, not intentionally. But the effect is the same.

That hesitant stammer is all you need to see why it's both the term of choice by a significant portion of the right, and also a term which sends many self-described conservatives through the roof when it's used. If you think this is just a case of the very mild-mannered and softspoken Peggy Noonan simply being unable to handle foul language, I suggest you look at how Nick Searcy reacts to the term. Even if you agree with him and disagree with Vox, 'batshit' accurately describes his reaction to its use.

I have no sympathy for the people who hate the use of 'cuckservative'. Anti-immigration conservatives have been attacked for years - including by 'fellow conservatives' - using language that's just as toxic and demeaning. If they didn't want the debate to stoop to this level, they should have unleashed their hostility back when people opposed to massive immigration were being called racists, or told that they were afraid of immigrants 'stealin' their wimmenz'. They didn't, as now the debate is gutter-worthy on both sides.

I do regard it as a shame that it's come to this. Sure, I can be as foul-mouthed as anyone else, but I prefer to talk about things sensibly whenever possible. I recognize that once you deploy language like this, the dialectic ship has sailed - at least in that particular conversation. But watching demi-conservatives demand that everyone cease and desist from using the term cuckservative, after years of them belittling and brutally mocking immigration opponents, RINO opponents and (most recently) Trump supporters in some of the foulest terms?

See, that's a bit like watching a schoolyard bully pick on a kid with a stutter for years. Laughing at him whenever he tries to speak, mockingly imitating him, doing his damndest to make the kid break down in tears or shut up altogether. Then one day the kid with the stutter figures out - that bully? He got molested by the football coach once. And it turns out stutter-kid can do a hilarious imitation of that, one that makes the bully really lose his shit. So much so that the bully runs to the principal, begging and demanding that stutter-kid never, ever, ever be allowed to make fun of him, because that hurts and is so personal - while, you know, the whole 'stuttering' thing is fair game.

I should be sympathetic to the bully here?

Yeah, that's not happening.

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