Thursday, December 10, 2015

Secular leftists are worse than militant muslims

Just so my position is clear. I'm all in favor of a ban of muslim immigration into the US, and a ban on immigration in general for a long time. But yes, I regard secular leftists as hardly better than modern muslims. They share in common similar desires to control speech, to nose their way into everyone's life, to aggressively convert, and more. Muslims make Christians pay the jizya, which is hardly different from fines for failing to make a same-sex wedding cake, or for refusing to pay for your employees' abortion and condoms.

In fact, the jizya is better - that's not designed with the intention of forcing compliance.

People will object strenuously that muslim extremists kill people. True. But so do leftists when the chips are down, and the typical secular leftist boosts abortion - and if we use that as reference for the body count, there's really no comparison.


Anonymous said...

Here's a recent quote from a famous secularist: "Let’s not let fear defeat our values. We must support Muslim and other minority communities in the US and around the world."

Here's the problem. The "core value" on display here is "accept everyone". As stated, that's not a Christian core value. It's certainly not a Muslim core value. And even secularists pick and choose when to display it.

It's also not a self-sustaining core value, because applying it eventually negates itself. There's a world of difference between "Come accept our values" and "Come and keep your values".

Western society has been engaged in an ideological civil war - between upstart secular materialism and extant Christianity - for at least a couple of centuries. Secularism has been winning, but it's (probably unwittingly) inviting in a third party because it is built on borrowed integrity and thus doesn't understand the contribution Christian ideology has made to social stability.

Anonymous said...


From a purely strategic perspective, I would say that secularists are actually worse than Muslims when it comes to Christians. Why? Because whereas a Christian knows in advance what to except from a devote Muslim--namely, oppression of some sort--and can thus prepare for it, secularists are the type of individuals who will smile at the Christian one day, but then stab him in the back the next. The fact is, as a Christian, I have great hesitancy in trusting secularists or having them as my allies, because as history attests, they can turn on Christians at any moment, and when they do, they are as bad as any Muslim.

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