Friday, January 29, 2016

A decent analysis of Trump

Right here.

By Tucker Carlson of all people.


malcolmthecynic said...

You see What's Wrong With the World's recent announcement about Trump?

They announced "We totally don't understand anything whatsoever about why people like this guy, and he terrifies us."

Which is true - they completely don't get it.

Crude said...

I had a feeling that was coming, but it's not too surprising.

Let's take some potshots here.

'The Establishment(tm) is all in for Trump!' -- Why? Because Bob 'Holy crap, he's still alive?' Dole said something nice about him. Forget National Review's broadside at him. Forget all the senators denouncing him. Forget that the GOP SOTU response was devoted to attacking -Trump-, not Obama. No, Dole said something sorta nice, therefore clearly Trump is the Establishment favorite.

Also, Trump is unelectable, he'd never win the general election. So you better endorse national favorite Ted Cruz!

By the way, liberals will make fun of you if you endorse Trump. You don't want liberals to make fun of you - you better do something they won't mock you for!

I'd give this a full takedown, but really... National Review played this game, and they just got laughed at. WWWtW - complete with 'The Editors' announcing their decision from on high - will not be laughed at. No one cares what they think.

And with their attitude, no one ever will. What's Wrong With the World, indeed.

malcolmthecynic said...

It's a shame. I do like the site, even now. But man, that article is very clearly a cry for help. They're terrified.

Crude said...

You would think they would at least ask 'Why are so many people backing Trump? Why is Franklin Graham endorsing Trump?' Why not just go to their regulars and say, hey you guys, who among you support Trump, and why?

But no. Instead we get this "From The Editors" routine, complete with an absolutely inane proclamation. Oh well. Let's see what they do if Trump ends up taking the nomination.

Better yet, let's see what they do if it's Trump v Sanders.

B. Prokop said...

Love your comment about being amazed Bob Dole is still alive. My brother up in Minnesota told me he saw Walter Mondale the other day (my brother is somewhere to the left of Dennis Kucinich), and my reply to him was, "I thought he was dead!" Turns out I was confusing him with Hubert Humphrey.