Friday, January 22, 2016

Random Updates

Been busy lately, so a few updates.

* I see Donald Trump continues to dominate the GOP polls. He seems to have ruthlessly deflated Ted Cruz's opposition to him, and if the Reuters rolling 5-day is anything to go by, Cruz is fading fast. If Trump ends up so much as winning the nomination, it's going to be a riot.

* I admit, I liked Cruz in a way, but I was never able to forget his multiple too-clever-by-half moments: Supporting TPP until the moment his vote was no longer needed to pass it. Stating his opposition to illegal immigration on the grounds that what was -really- need was a massive increase in legal immigration. Etc, etc. If I have to gamble - and I do - then I'm gambling on Trump.

* Meanwhile I see NRO is throwing down and doing all they can to try and stop Trump from winning the nomination. My prediction: it won't change a thing. Trump will win Iowa and New Hampshire, and probably the nomination itself. Funniest moment so far: the stern-faced statements about how Trump's nomination will mark the first time since Goldwater that conservatism has been sacrificed in a GOP presidential candidate, followed by shocked confusion when everyone responds by laughing.

* In 'local' news, I checked Ed Feser's latest post (his dissing of Coyne) only to find im-skeptical showing up to argue. This was promptly followed by dozens upon dozens of posts by people alternately laughing at him and tearing him to shreds. Last I saw he got Brandon of Siris' attention, who proceeded to demonstrate clinically, thoroughly and at length what I tend to just point out in a paragraph: Skep is an idiot and is so lacking in self-awareness that he qualifies as a chinese room. Wisely, Ed stopped taking him seriously pretty fast, so it remains to be seen how long he's willing to put up with essentially being called a retard by regulars. Feser's blog is filled with sharply intelligent sorts, but they're not nearly as 'fatally polite' as the esteemed Victor Reppert - they'll laugh in his face, as will Ed.

* Back to politics, I see Hillary Clinton is petrified at the prospect of Bernie Sanders making her nomination as 'inevitable' in 2016 as it was in 2008. Clinton's burdened by a host of problems - she's thoroughly unlikable, has a terrible track record as a politician, and her long history of attacking self-described 'rape/sexual assault survivors' is re-emerging at quite possibly the worst possible time in history. My prediction: if Hillary loses, look for Bill to unceremoniously divorce her on the spot. She will have outlived her usefulness, and that usefulness is the only reason she's still around.

* I wanted to like Bernie Sanders. Early on I heard that he had a more neutral attitude towards religion as opposed to Clinton's convenient 'It's time to change religion to match our new standards!' harshness. I heard he was a nationalist, opposed to illegal immigration because of the damage it causes American workers. Unfortunately it's become clear that he's a humongous SJW wimp, whose election would only be positive in a 'Wow, the disaster this will result in will be almost worth it for the entertainment value' way. His nomination, however, would be great just to see how Trump handles him.


malcolmthecynic said...

Trump vs. Clinton would be a race.

Trump vs. Sanders would be a massacre.

Anybody in the GOP but Trump vs. any democrat will almost certainly lose, and frankly who cares? Trump is the ONLY person saying the right things about immigration and the refugees. The only one.

And Trump is the only Republican with a chance at winning.

Crude said...

I am in full agreement with you. I thought Cruz was a decent possibility, and Paul seems like he may be unique enough but.. really, especially with NR's recent hissy fit, I continue to let it ride on Trump.

grodrigues said...


"Skep is an idiot and is so lacking in self-awareness that he qualifies as a chinese room."

The "Chinese room" bit made me spill my coffee. Damn you, Crude!

Legion of Logic said...

I enjoy how Trump makes progressives have meltdowns, but beyond that I can't find any reason to trust him. The only track record of his that I have found is that Trump will do and say what he needs to in order to get what he wants, and that isn't exactly comforting.

ebougis said...

Yeah, the Chinese-room bit was gold. #snortlaugh