Sunday, February 21, 2016

At the risk of this becoming the Crude Trump blog...

I share this simple quote from Scott Adams:

If did ten things you thought were strategic errors, yet they all worked out, which one of you is the riskier Commander in Chief?


Edgestow said...

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, praising Donald Trump:

"Well, this is one thing I agree with Donald Trump on, that Planned Parenthood does amazing work ... I appreciate [Trump's] kind words. We’re very proud of our work."

This is not dredging up ancient history. These words were said yesterday !

Anonymous said...

I can't make up my mind about Scott Adams. On one hand, he was right about the ride of Trump, I guess.

On the other hand, the man also tried to make a serious case that Rubio was gaming the nominations and predicted a strong second place, or possibly first place, finish in New Hampshire as a result.

He also very seriously tried to make the case that all immigrants must swear loyalty to the federal government, over any other moral obligation they have, which is too stupid to be taken seriously (Think about this for a moment - by this logic, if the government passed a law to kill all newborn babies you would need to support it even if you previously thought it was evil).

And of course he said (and later stood by his statement) that he hoped that everybody who opposed euthanasia and assisted suicide would die slowly and painfully.

My guess? Adams doesn't know shit about Trump, basically guessed his rise correctly, and now is trying to claim he's some guru who figured out why Trump is a "master persuader" which the rest of us idiots just didn't understand.

He's like an economist who predicted a minor recession once and now claims to understand economics better than everybody else even though it amounted to little more than a lucky guess. I don't buy him.

Anonymous said...


That bad people like Trump doesn't actually make Trump bad.

And Trump is correct. They do do good work. This is manifestly obvious. That doesn't mean they have any right to exist, let alone be funded by the government, which Trump has also said.

Anonymous said...

Off topic - but with all of the talk from the Pope about Trump (which was pretty tame - far more troubling were his comments about contraception, but that's another story), he DID give us this gem which more people should really pick up on.

Thompson: Does that mean they can receive Communion?

Pope Francis: This is the last thing. Integrating in the Church doesn’t mean receiving communion. I know married Catholics in a second union who go to church, who go to church once or twice a year and say I want communion, as if joining in Communion were an award. It’s a work towards integration, all doors are open, but we cannot say, ‘from here on they can have communion.’ This would be an injury also to marriage, to the couple, because it wouldn’t allow them to proceed on this path of integration. And those two were happy. They used a very beautiful expression: we don’t receive Eucharistic communion, but we receive communion when we visit hospitals and in this and this and this. Their integration is that. If there is something more, the Lord will tell them, but it’s a path, a road.

Crude said...


This is not dredging up ancient history. These words were said yesterday !

Romney did a whole lot worse, I recall. Somehow, everyone dealt with it.

What did George W Bush do to stop Planned Parenthood when he was a 2 term president with majorities in the house and senate?

It just doesn't move me anymore.


I've given up trying to read this Pope. I honestly wonder if he knows what he's doing, in fact. But I admit, that's a great line.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Adams is definitely an idiot. He used to sock puppet in order to increase his brand ("clear up harmful misconceptions"):

Crude said...

Oh, I remember the whole sock puppet thing. Adams isn't the most upstanding character, but he still makes a good point.