Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Why the Trump support?

I'd actually say that Trump's stance on immigration, while of dire importance, is actually a secondary reason for my support of him. I support Trump because of who he is, what he does, how he acts, and what it would mean culturally to have someone like him in the presidency. Trump has, in his short run for the presidency, done more to benefit the culture than eight years of George W Bush ever did, or ever could.

He has done serious harm to the idea that the smart thing, the strategic thing, and ultimately the only thing to do in the face of political correctness is to submit to it in one way or the other. And he did it without so much as passing a law.

Breitbart has a saying: Politics is downstream from culture. I would rather impact the culture in a positive way while throwing caution to the wind with legislation, rather than bolster a culture I hate while 'shrewdly' sneaking in legislation I somewhat regard as positive.


malcolmthecynic said...

You see Zippy Catholics stuff on the election?

Zippy is interesting. He has a (pretty strong) case that people shouldn't be voting at all. I don't necessarily disagree with most of what he says; I'm just not prepared, yet, to say that prayer and repentance is the only worthwhile thing we can do right now.

It's necessary, but even so I'm not sure that means it's a good idea to stop trying to get better leaders into office.

Crude said...

I did not, and I generally think Zippy has worthwhile things to say. But no, I don't think prayer and repentance is the only way. Maybe if choices were other than what they are - if it were Rubio v Clinton I'd say the hell with it, or worse. As it stands? There are some better alternatives.

That said - my view is that legislation is secondary to culture, and that's been my view for a while.

malcolmthecynic said...

His whole case is that we're just exchanging one form of liberalism, with all of its baggage of unprincipled exceptions (exceptions they'll make to liberal "logic" to fit their pet viewpoints), with another, if I understand him correctly.

This isn't wrong, but then these people are still going to be leading my country. There are still better as opposed to worse leaders. I don't think it's a bad thing to vote for better.

Crude said...

I think the easiest reply to that is 'not all liberalisms are created equal'. Give me the modern liberalism that embraces free speech to an absurd degree (blasphemy left and right, pornography left and right) to the liberalism that embraces heavy-handed censorship (That's unPC, you're fired! You cannot say that, that's right-wing heresy!) any day.

Even from a Catholic standpoint, it's easier to thrive in the former world than the latter.

malcolmthecynic said...

Yeah. I respect Zippy's point of view (and certainly Zippy's objections are both more consistent and more intelligent than the WWWtW editors), but ultimately it's hard for me to stomach the idea that we shouldn't be trying to bring in better leaders, or that voting for them is immoral.

(This was, however, the whole basis for my dispute with Mr. Wright, who believed that classical liberalism is "good" liberalism whereas I just think it's liberalism that is hypocritical in a less dangerous way than SJW-type liberalism.)

Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

The whole not-voting thing is a form of political messianism in its own right, so...no, thanks.

I was originally planning to be very disappointed when I was t(r)ol(le)d to read this, but it really warmed the cockles of my heart, despite the qualms I've had about Trump in the past 48 hours:


Son of Ya'Kov said...

Satan must be freezing his balls off.

I agree with Elliot here.

Son of Ya'Kov said...

additionally: Trump has come back in NH ergo this satisfies my darwinian standards for who is the best Candidate.

Win please and Crush that Commie in Nov.

Crude said...

We'll see. I notice Rubio, at least at this hour, isn't exactly making a show. So much for the great establishment hope.

Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

Naw, Jim, we're still more alike than not, I just have (serious but largely mute-able) issues with Francis. #TrumpNation #Trump2016 #TrumpTrain ;)