Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lessons learned this election cycle

Pardon my lackluster presence, the few of you who read this blog. I've gotten wrapped up in other things lately. Such is life.

But I figure I'd swing by and reveal a few of the things I've learned this election cycle.
  • Political analysts and 'pundits', including statistical analysts, are almost entirely worthless. Their guesses about the future come across largely as shots in the dark or exercises in wishful thinking/amateur influence peddling, and they're able to get away with this with the full knowledge that a 99% abysmal track record won't make them unemployable. The 1% of the time they manage to guess their way into an accurate prediction, however, gets held up as a reason to regard them as an authority. A greater reason for complete skepticism of the media intelligentsia is harder to come across, though plenty of lesser reasons exist.

  • Most Christian leadership - whether conservative or (God forbid) liberal - cannot be trusted. They see themselves as important people whose main job is 'keep those hicks who listen to me in line', and one of the reasons they're increasingly hostile to Trump is because he accidentally revealed they have vastly less influence than they imagined they did. This goes for straight up 'conservative bloggers' as well. They will never forgive Trump for out-talking them, nor will they forgive their readers for failing to get in line behind them.

  • There's a good chance the GOP will cease to exist, come convention time. We may well be in one of those phases where one of the political parties simply ceases to exist in anything beyond shell form, and something new rises up from the ashes. Hell will probably break loose if this happens, since the result would be that very wealthy people will no longer have a clear idea of the rules of the American political game, and uncertainty is one thing that they hate more than anything.

  • Paraphrasing George Carlin: Some people believe that Ted Cruz is anti-establishment despite being endorsed by Romney, Jeb!, and having worked for George W. Bush. Some people believe that Donald Trump is the establishment because he's a billionaire who donated to politicians, despite his being universally hated by both the GOP 'leadership' and leftists everywhere. Some people think that Jesus Himself would demand open borders and free trade. Some people are real fucking stupid.