Friday, April 29, 2016

Trump and Christianity

A lot can be said about the topic. But here's one thought.

A substantial amount of the political left has long wanted Christianity - and religion in general - to wither, eager to pick up some changes that aren't possible when the religion is heavily integrated into the social fabric. Just think of what we'll get if we don't have those stuffy (nay, patriarchal!) rules about sex and gender holding us back!

It's true, you really widen the range of possibilities once Christianity is beaten back. What people may just be starting to realize is that the range is wider than 'more textbook liberals'. If Trump wins in November, it's going to happen while a lot of liberals - professing atheists, even - look at many of his voters, fists clenched while they scream 'BUT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE CHRISTIAN! CHRISTIANS DON'T VOTE FOR MEN LIKE THIS!'

Maybe not, once upon a time. But who's been spending all that time trying to unweave the Christian threads in the social fabric? Did they really think the only thing that religion was restraining was more left-wing sentiment?

Christian culture wasn't just restraining people from fucking, gents.


Jakeithus said...

The hypocrisy has been pretty obvious to me for some time. The same people complain that Christians want to impose a theocracy and should keep their "values" out of politics, but then as soon as Christians support a candidate like Trump, they come out of the woodwork to criticize them for supporting a candidate that doesn't line up with their values. It's textbook Alinsky to try and get your opponent to live up to a set of rules that you create for them, and then criticize them regardless.

The left likes to take advantage of what centuries of Christian values has created in the West, while believing Christianity had nothing to do with the state of affairs and feeling no compulsion to uphold that state of affairs themselves. We're heading towards a breaking point.

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Crude said...


Yeah, it's a common refrain. I remember the atheists who would always be insulting and abusive, but when it was directed at them, they'd shriek about the golden rule.

Other replier,

Just tell me what you like about the article! You seem very 'bot'.

GoldRush Apple said...

Last night my parish choir/music director was talking about his classes he's taking to become a deacon. He said the instructor noted that the sacrament of marriage had two rules. The first that it was made by God and the second that it was between a couple. I pretty much snickered when he mentioned the two because I know the instructor made it vague as f_ck in order to not get heaps of questions "But why? Why just one man and one woman?" If that says anything about the leadership of the Church then hoo boy.

Speaking of Christian rules, or lack thereof, I saw a play last night called Mary Page Marlowe. It's basically about a woman who was brought up by aloof parents (divorced) who cheats on her Catholic husband ("He's a believer ..."), really showing no signs of regret or remorse, yet the audience is suppose to feel sorry for her because, gosh darnit, she's a fighter and after all she's been through (a child's death, squashed dreams) she finally has a happy marriage -- her third marriage near the end of her life.

Gotta love modern theater.

Crude said...

If that says anything about the leadership of the Church then hoo boy.

It does, which is rotten. I had a kind of psychological conversion in the past couple of years, and I've unfortunately come to the conclusion that - for as much as I loathe the New Atheists - it's the religious left (and the 'respectable' religious right, unwittingly) which has really done damage to our culture. The irreligious left capitalized on damage they already did, and magnified it.

yet the audience is suppose to feel sorry for her because

Yeah, the idea of the woman who does not merit sympathy is alien in a lot of modern quarters. I fully expect, within a decade, that Disney (to give one prominent example) will not only completely lack unsympathetic female villains, but will go back and recast their past female villains as the 'real' hero/victim.

I was having problems with the pro-life leadership before this latest debacle, and Lydia McGrew's entry into it. Seeing the Trump response just opened my eyes fully, because I would have at least entertained the view that the rot hadn't spread -that- far. Now I know it has.

Our culture is largely incapable of criticizing women, save for the crime of being insufficiently liberal. This isn't 'the left'. This is 'both major political parties, and most of the media'.