Monday, May 23, 2016

Ben Shapiro breakdown watch

I've been talking about Ben Shapiro in the comments here lately, taking the view that Shapiro's on #NeverTrump for good. And I'm standing by that, because I think he's ultimately a globalist - an anti-SJW globalist, but a globalist all the same.

But hearing that Michelle Fields has decided to go work for Huffington Post? I didn't expect that one. At the very least, I want to see how he reacts to being grilled over this, because at some point this guy's gotta admit he got played.


planks length said...

I know that five plus months is still a way out, but as things stand, I believe I'll be pulling the lever for the Libertarian Party.

I still like your commentary, however. I just don't agree with all of it. You sound a bit OTT on Trump. It's OK to support him, but do you have to trash everyone who doesn't?

Crude said...

I don't trash people who don't support Trump. I do tend to trash people who wildly dump on Trump's supporters. Now, I'll be the first to admit - those groups tend to have a lot of overlap. But it's the attack on his supporters that tends to get me to pivot and return fire. Especially from Christian leaders, who I consider to be topheavy with failures and let-downs, if not out and out traitors. Don't even get me started on establishment politicians who are guilty of the same, but far fatter on the 'traitors' side of things.

I'm knocking Shapiro because he went all in on Michelle Fields' insanity, which blew up in his face - and which really was a page straight out of the SJW playbook, a playbook he's supposed to be one of the foremost blasphemers of. Glenn Beck I knock, because Beck really does come across as a pathetic scruples-free suckup, even when you divorce the man from his Trump antics. Notice that in neither case is their anti-Trump position central.