Monday, May 16, 2016

Gay SJW Pastor tries hate hoax, gets outgunned

Now, the beginnings of this story are familiar. Outspoken activist "community leader" of the professional victim class - in this case a gay 'Christian' preacher - supposedly encounters unprovoked hate. No, not this kind of encounter. We're talking far more low-level: he buys a custom cake that says 'Love Wins', and claims that a chef decided to add the word 'FAG' to the cake.

You know where this is going.
LOVE WINS FAG. That’s not the cake I ordered, @WholeFoods and I am offended for myself & the entire #LGBT community— Jordan D Brown (@PasJordanBrown) April 18, 2016
That link doesn't work anymore, but just so we're clear on what level this guy is playing at, here's the cake in question:

Pictured: One hell of a faggy cake.
I'm sure you guys know where this is going. The Pastor there kicks up a storm, complains to Whole Foods for this dreaded act of homophobia that has reduced him to tears and brought back all the horrible experiences he had growing up in, yada yada yada. Okay. So Whole Foods' manager apologizes, offers him a coupon for a free replacement cake. Story's playing out as you'd expect so far.

What impresses me is that apparently the manager didn't only look into this, but actually made the move of calling the good pastor back just to tell him, you know what? This looks funny. You're not even getting your cake coupon.

A short while later, Whole Foods started talking about suing the -pastor-, because their camera footage seemed to clearly show that there's no way this event went down the way he said it did. They were innocent, and not only was this a hoax, but a hoax they were going to punish him for.

Pause and admire Whole Foods on this one: going all Cake Detective and getting into countersuit talk? That's going above and beyond the call of duty, and it makes me wonder what Brown was asking for here behind the scenes. Mandatory hiring of LGBT outreach specialists for all the Whole Foods bakeries? Whatever the reason, they went after this guy hard and fast. Enough that he not only backed off, but he dropped his claims altogether and apologized.

Good job, Whole Foods. I'm not sure Love Wins, but security cameras pack one hell of a punch, that much I'm sure of.


GoldRush Apple said...

This event was suspicious after some thought.

It happened in Austin, probably the most liberal city in Texas, and was ordered from a business that often supports leftist social issues. Whole Foods is popular with the politically liberal, young professional, and health conscious crowd, and would attract potential workers who hold similar ideals.

Another clue was how the signing was arched on top of the cake, leaving room in the center. My eyes tell me 'Love Wins' was the original order - leaving the center open on purpose. Unless the pastor was putting his own decoration in the middle (which he did), the customization was an odd request.

When you pick of a custom cake the person handing it to you asks if (A) it's yours and (B) if it is yours, to make sure it was done correctly. The next point of contact is the cashier who didn't catch this derogatory word. The pastor saying he only noticed it when he arrived home is just plain bad lying.

No one who serviced the pastor noticed it because 'FAG' was never written on the cake in the first place.

Crude said...

I suppose it was a half-baked attempt, ha ha.

Yet another hoax, though it's interesting that Whole Foods responded the way it did. I wonder if that will set a precedent for this kind of thing.

GoldRush Apple said...

I think it will send a message to the LGBT victimhood seeking types to not order a cake from Whole Foods. They might plan their next mission at a Walmart Supercenter in small town USA.

The manager was smart enough to methodically look at the day's event. If it were true it would make the company look real bad; if it were false then the company's good name is saved.

Instead of protesting in churches and yelling "Why are you killing us? Why are you killing us?" the LGBTwhatever activists turn to bakeries (why do homosexuals like bakeries so much?). The irony here is that might put into question future claims of bigotry that are made to drum up public and legal sympathy, all because a Whole Foods store manager checked the details. The devil is in the details.

Someone should start a site and keep track of all these hoaxes. This way some psychologist and sociologist can use it as a source to lobby for reinstatement that same-sex attraction is a mental disorder in the DSM-5. I swear, this type of insecurity that the LGBT projects is telling, and I'm rather upset that no one has commented on it. Not even fat chicks are this insecure and emotionally fragile.

Crude said...

Someone should start a site and keep track of all these hoaxes.

Lookie here.

GoldRush Apple said...

Fascinating. Thanks.

The first lists a lot of charges of racism, LGBTphobia and rape, with a couple dealing with Islamophobia. The first three demos are protected class while Muslims are creeping in. Now we just need Mexicans saying they were unfairly deported.

Son of Ya'Kov said...

>Mandatory hiring of LGBT outreach specialists for all the Whole Foods bakeries?

They most likely already have that. Whole Foods doesn't strike me as a right wing sympathetic business. Which is why this gay nutter looked all the more silly. His target didn't seem like the type of organization to employ "homo-phobes".

It would be like if I accused the NRA of denying me my second amendment rights.

Crude said...

You may be surprised.