Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hillary as the right-wing revenge

This election has really been the gift that keeps on giving for me. First there was Trump, who honest to God has delighted me more than any candidate I've ever seen in my life. But just as entertaining has been Hillary Clinton. Go Hillary go, I say - may she stumble across the nomination finish line, and may she do it with one hand still holding the dagger she's sunk into Sanders' back.

Now, I dislike Hillary. I think she's rotten to the core, corrupt, and fake. She's a hawk and a globalist, she panders to the left and (if only by necessity) sneers at the social right. It'd be one thing if only I thought that. But, God bless 'em, the left realizes it too. Which is why I'm eager to see them saddled with her.

I look forward to see the people who (justifiably) screamed about the Iraq war finding themselves voting for a woman who voted for it. People who screech anti-war diatribes having to go all-in for a hawk. People who wanted to Occupy Wall Street, supporting their obvious puppet candidate. I want to see them grit their teeth and sacrifice all of their principles - and I want them to know that's exactly what they're doing while they do it.

I have no grand tactical idea in mind to justify my attitude here, no eye on some positive cultural reaction that can come of it, though there may be one. I merely think it will be funny, and God knows it will be.

The only thing that can make it better is if they swallow their principles, debase themselves for an entire election cycle, and then proceed to lose anyway.

To Trump.

C'mon, God. I know you have a sense of humor - give me a laugh this time!


Anonymous said...

I fully expect Trump to crush Hillary.

Politically, they're both left-centrists on most issues. Neither has a lot of depth. But one of them presents well, is skilled at telling people what they want to hear, isn't overly worried about social censure, and comes across as what-you-see-is-what-you-get. The other rubs a large proportion of the population the wrong way on many issues.

(Also "Make America Great" has a lot more appeal than "It's my turn")

I expect that Trump will utterly crush Hillary in the media, despite media sympathy. Sanders would be an interesting contest because Sanders has a strong ideological base. Cruz stayed in the Republican race longest because he had a strong ideological base and an effective political machine (though he made some foolish choices near the end). Hillary has a strong political machine, but she lacks both a strong ideological base and a strong media presence. Neither Hillary nor Trump clearly "stand for" an ideological position, which means that their primary means of winning voters is by projection, sympathy, and adopted policy positions, of which one is a master and the other is poor outside a very limited constituency.

I don't think either would make for a great statesman. But one will usher in a massive left-wing agenda under her cloak while the other will shake things up, with token loyalty to his party. As long as Trump himself remains ideology-lite, one can hope it will provide the space for right-wing ideologues to strengthen their influence.

I predict that Trump himself will face the tension between a desire to schmooze and a desire to remain popular among the common man. Avoiding a backlash from the latter may well push him to implement policies that are more nation-friendly than his own personal leanings.

Crude said...

Likely, but that still adds up to Trump being the best gamble. Part of this is recognizing I am, frankly, thin on alternatives. Who was Trump's meaningful opposition? Rand Paul, taking photo ops with Al Sharpton and talking about the need to restore voting rights to felons? (I wonder how much he loved Terry McAuliffe's move.) Jeb Bush and Rubio? Oh boy, Catholics. Thank God they didn't win or I wouldn't know what was being advocated by them, because their deliveries would be entirely in spanish.

Trump, at least, has a track record of America First leanings for a long time now. It's vague, but it's a hell of a lot more than his opposition in the GOP had. The fact that they're terrified of him only encourages me all the more.