Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sanders vs Clinton vs NeverTrump

What remains of the NeverTrump position in political hinges crucially on a Clinton presidency, I suspect. Clinton, for as much as she's dived to the left, essentially remains a big business neo-con hawk, which is why the GOPe has found it so easy to promote talk of a third party run. Sinking Trump and gaining Clinton? Not the most perfect world, but for them, it's better than a Trump world.

I suspect the prospect of a Trump v Sanders race would introduce new levels of panic into the party. All that talk of voting for principle, even if it meant a Hillary victory, would go up in flames at the prospect of a presidency with full-blown socialist dove, cuck or not.


B. Prokop said...

After Clinton secures the nomination (which she will), the "Bernie or Bust" movement will likely disappear as rapidly as "Never Trump" did after Trump secured his.

However, I do believe there is some potential for the larger third parties (such as the Greens or the Libertarians) to pick up more support this year than is normal.

I'm not really up on third parties. Are there any "big" ones out there besides the two I named?

Jakeithus said...

The funny part is team NeverTrump will have a much better chance of succeeding at opposing Trump if Sanders is the challenger rather than Clinton, due to how unpopular Clinton is. The Democrat base will rally around Sanders, and NeverTrump could tilt the balance away from Trump, but Bernie supporters will not rally around Clinton in the same fashion.

In any case it's fun to watch as a conservative and a foreign outsider.

Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

Bill Kristol's "Renegade Party" is trying to be a tertium quid. Other than that, "third parties" are basically meaningless in the USA.

Crude said...

The problem with third parties in America is that everyone hates the other party so much that doing anything which allows the hated party to succeed is viewed as suicidal. I thought Nader's supporters were fools to soil themselves and apologize for sapping votes from Gore - they should have declared, "That's right, you can't win without us. Now welcome us to the table or we'll repeat this performance forever." Instead they were cowed, immediately.

That said, Trump's a pleasant surprise for me since I've been waiting for a candidate like this for ages. I even get to show my moderate side - I am willing to sacrifice some issues that are dear to me for the sake of getting a chance at what I want. Just as the GOPe always insisted I should! Pity they found that if right-wingers are going to start sacrificing some stances to favor others, what gets sacrificed ain't necessarily what they were hoping for.

Son of Ya'Kov said...

If some principles short term can be sacrificed then why not sacrifice the Establishment itself?

Which is what happened. I said last election cycle when Mormon Boy ran. "This is the establishment's last chance. If they can't win this easy election against a failed President then there is no reason to ever support them in the future ever again". Well we see how that turned out.

I watch with my jaw dropped as Mormon Boy goes hard (for him) up against Trump and I ask "Where was this SOB and fire in the belly when you faced Obummer in 2012?".

choke artist. Trump's nicknames are part of his arsenal of Political weapons. Republicans more ideologically conservative then Trump (i.e. Cruz, Carly, Ben Carson etc) should be taking notes.

Go Trump.