Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sassy muslim selfie-girl delights media with her photos. And jew-hating rants.

Here's the timeline. A muslim girl, hijab and all, decided to take some selfie-pics at some anti-Islam protests. Notice that in the West a female muslim can attend a protest and the headline is 'Look at this sassy girl keeping it real at a protest!', rather than 'Police still searching for the dozens of men who gangbanged uppity woman in public', which is the more common result elsewhere. She was an internet sensation for about as long as it took for people to sift through her social media and discover that, surprisingly, muslim women in hijabs tend not to be thrilled with Jews.

Of course, she has an excuse. She meant zionists, not jews!

But that's too little, too late, and already the internet is busy photoshopping her taking selfies at concentration camps. Live by the selfie, die by the selfie, I suppose.

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