Sunday, May 8, 2016

Scandinavia and the death of an atheist talking point

Meaning no disrespect to the minority of right-wing/religious people in Scandinavia, I still have to remark on the entertainment of that region falling off the map as an atheist talking point. It was only a few years ago when that largely irreligious region was treated as, essentially, an atheist Mecca - a living demonstration of what could be if only people rejected religion's chains!

That's fallen by the wayside, to put it mildly. Scandinavia has gone from atheist talking point to Christian talking point practically overnight.

On the one hand, the communicable brain disease known as 'leftist ideology' has resulted in the decimation of not just Sweden's culture and values, but of the natives themselves. Sweden turned out to be more a muslim Mecca than an atheist one, with the incoming refugees predominantly bringing with them a healthy respect for bearded prophets and some differing opinions about human rights and civil conduct.

That'd be punch one. The second punch would be that Scandinavian resistance to these trends has largely been spearheaded not by leftists, but by people like the Sweden Democrats, whose politics are basically 'Donald Trump's, but more socially conservative.' Denmark isn't much better, having taken up a policy of outright scaring away refugees before they even think about showing up. Not exactly a horror story by my measures, but then again it isn't my measure which is under scrutiny here.

Add this to the fact that even atheists are starting to become disgusted with SJW culture for which Sweden is a poster child, and the situation is made even more clear.

Of course, Europe as a whole is starting to look less and less like a model for leftist atheists and more and more like a nightmare, with anti-immigrant, anti-'diversity' right wing ideology rearing up just about everywhere. Austerity and the failure of the welfare state was bad enough, but add in the demographic woes, the refugee crisis and more and... well, so much for the glorious irreligious future.

Scandinavia as an atheist talking point is gone, ladies and gentlemen. It is now a theist talking point, and an object lesson about the corrosive effects of left-wing culture and irreligiosity both.

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B. Prokop said...

100% agreement. I've been saying this for some time now. "Post-Christian" Europe is committing continental suicide.

The atheists have a choice. Do they wish to live in a nominally Christian society, which tolerates them in the hope of showing them the error of their ways? Or do they prefer living in an Islamic State, which throws them to their deaths off of tall buildings?