Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Cult of Gnu remnants continue to self-destruct

It's amazing that even now, the slower atheists in the West are still obsessed with undermining and attacking Christianity at every level, to the point where idiots like PeteBog want to play with fire and introduce even-more-explicitly anti-Christian courses into the university. They haven't paused to wonder if the spread of secularism in their beloved and once 'ideal nations' in Europe have anything to do with the same threat of demographic, cultural and even religious invasion in those same countries. And they haven't done that because they're typically short-sighted midwits, still grappling with the childhood angst of some overbearing authority figure making them feel bad for jerking off.

Wonderful, guys. We get it. The Pastor fucked you up in a big way, and you still feel a bit like a dirty shit when looking at porn. But really, it's time to move on and recognize that there are bigger problems to deal with.

I've seen some atheists and irreligious in general start to pause lately, in fairness. I've run into some who say 'You know, maybe Christianity - even if I don't believe in it - was serving an important function in the West. Maybe trying to destroy and undermine it has been a mistake, even from an irreligious standpoint, all things being equal.' Some even have admitted that maybe there's something to it that they, personally, just do not -get- and maybe they should second-guess themselves.

And then you have PeteBog and crew, as usual proving that lack of theistic belief is no barrier to an atheist behaving as dogmatically as the most wild-eyed preacher.


Vox Maximus said...

Funny that you mention this, as I have been thinking of writing on this very topic: namely, will atheists be largely responsible for the death of Western Civilization.

I have always thought that, in the end, the West will always face a choice of either the Cross, or the Crescent, or the Sickle (militant and religious-like atheism), or some 'Blood-and-Soil' paganism. And out of those choices, the Cross is best for everyone.

At the same time, for all their talk of reason and rationality, have you noticed that the rise of secularism in the West has also be strongly correlated in the rise of a literal loss of contact with objective reality and social maturity, as seen in the progressive movement, SJWs, and so on. This is especially fascinating given that a large majority of atheists would count themselves on that side of the political aisle.


Crude said...

What I've largely noticed is that you previously had atheists talking about how great Europe was because of its secularization process, but they seem to have gone silent about the role of secularization in their current problems. Then again, they never were able to accept even incidental 'secular' influence in the rise of communism. 'They' meaning, public atheists, their intellectual leaders.

It's like watching someone boast about the benefits of their high sugar diet, but when you point out they're an obese diabetic, suddenly the very idea of tracing an effect to a possible cause is mysterious and elusive.

Vox Maximus said...

And its like you said in a previous post...secular Sweden is no longer an atheist talking point, because few people in their right mind (at least those that are aware of what is occurring there) would want to live in Sweden today. It looks more and more like non-militant / dictatorial secular utopias can last about a generation or two, and then their culture and society starts to be over-run due to the cultural weakness / rot that "nice" secularism brings with it.


GoldRush Apple said...

This reminds of the current campaign against Greek life and final clubs in the Northeast.