Monday, May 30, 2016

The Nevertrump Gambit isn't about principle

I strongly suspect that #NeverTrump is not about a principled stand against Trump. Nor do I believe Kristol is sincerely trying to scum up a 'viable third party candidate', or even attempting to simply ensure that Trump is not elected.

I think what we are seeing is a desperate attempt to bring Trump to the bargaining table.

The claim is that Kristol, Romney, Ryan, etc are deeply principled people, who are motivated by staunch Republican virtues to oppose Trump, this loose cannon, this monster. The common rhetoric against them follows that thinking: these guys are so committed to their precious values that they've become zealots! They won't compromise, so they're willing to give the election to Hillary!

I'll be blunt: this looks like a pack of good old-fashioned cocksuckers to me. And cocksuckers aren't motivated by deep commitment to principle.

I suspect instead that this is about something else, something which goes back to the earliest worries of Trump's candidacy: they want to force Trump to the bargaining table. What drives them crazy isn't that Trump is a rotten, terrible, unprincipled, foul-mouthed, whatever candidate. What drives them crazy is that he's in no debt to them. If he can be made to go 'What do you want in exchange for not running third party', that will give them what they want. If he refuses to deal? Well, then they can go to Hillary and ask, 'What will you give us to run third party?' And more and more, Hillary looks like she's going to need that, if she manages to get out of this situation without shackles.

They don't care who deals. They just care that someone deals.


planks length said...

Well, this is embarrassing!

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un endorses Donald Trump.

Crude said...


malcolmthecynic said...

Have you seen the new Trump press conference? Fucking awesome. I especially loved when the reporter asked if this is what his relationship with the press would be when he's president and he said "Yes, this IS what the relationship with the press will be if they keep lying about me."

Crude said...

The man is a non-stop gift-giving machine.

The funny thing is, before Trump announced, I was talking openly to my friends about what I wanted the GOP candidate to be like: I just wanted someone to terrorize the press for the whole election. Basically got my wish. Everything else is gravy.

What a delight.