Sunday, May 29, 2016

Vox versus Mensch on anti-semitism, and why people send racist/anti-semitic memes

Right here.

That's actually Part 2, but the real reason I link it is this.

First, who the hell has a name like 'Mensch' for real?

Second, and more importantly - I'm not sure if Mensch is tone-deaf or intentionally being deceptive when she talks about the mean people tweeting her and her friends foul anti-semitic/racist meme pictures. She interprets it, of course, in the most wild way possible: 'These are DEATH THREATS. They're saying that if Trump wins he's literally going to put us in gas chambers, and they're gloating about this!'

That's adorable, really.

Allow me to offer Mensch a different interpretation, one that has the benefit of not being absolutely insane.

They're sending Mensch a message with those images. Namely: 'You're calling people racist and anti-semitic, trying to bully them into silence for disagreeing. It doesn't work anymore, and we don't give a shit. Here's proof.'

Keep in mind the context here. Mensch was insisting that Ann Coulter was really quite anti-semite for saying, paraphrased, 'Why the hell are these candidates talking about the jews, do they know how many jews are in this country? Not many.' Not exactly damning, that. But the accusation still comes up, predictably. And these idiots - the ones who aren't just outright trolls - are showing how little faith they have in accusations like that anymore.

To that I'll add, at the end, Mensch talks about how she says let slip the dogs of war because she's going to hunt all of these anti-semites down like dogs. What she means is she's going to write some bitchin' tweets and maybe crack out some articles about them, which - Godwilling - will generate into the thousands of views. The point is this girl seems addicted to histrionics, and I'm not sure whether it's schtick or if she's just that deluded.

Why choose just one, I suppose.


Jakeithus said...

I wonder if this could be described as the South Park effect. Millenials have spent the majority of their lives as South Park being the most popular, politically engaged show on television, and one thing going to come out of the show is the complete abolition of sacred cows. Cartman rags on Jews every other episode, basically you learn to laugh at it and not take it so seriously, knowing that next episode they will rag on some other group that common "decency" says probably should not be ragged on.

You see it all over the culture favoured by younger people. Milo's Dangerous Faggot tour, chat spamming Muslim terrorist/fat people/black people memes, twitter users posting anti-semitic content, hipster Hitler; it doesn't matter what you hold sacred or decent, somewhere, someone on the Internet will make fun of it.

The interesting part is, you could argue that the younger generation in reality is the most tolerant, most accepting and least judgemental generation ever. All the bitching about the racism,sexism, homophobia isn't about reality, it's about the loss of power that certain groups experience now that they can't use sacred cows to control the actions and thoughts of others through guilt and shame.

Crude said...

I'd have trouble mapping the complicated paths of modern culture, but I imagine that has something to do with it. I don't know how much penetration -chan culture and such really has, but I'm sure there's a little of that too.

I do think there's a change with Trump where PC defense mechanisms are specifically being challenged, to an extreme. Mensch is screaming bloody murder that this is terrible and horrible and should not be tolerated, these people need to be purged, but she also was getting close to saying that with freaking Ann Coulter. That's part of the problem here. My main question is I wonder if she realizes all this. Again, I cannot tell if she's histrionic because she's crazy or as a tactic, but the latter's not working like it used to.

The Deuce said...

I'm not sure if Mensch is tone-deaf

Well, I mean, she's German, so...