Monday, June 27, 2016

A distinct lack of return fire

I notice that when things like the Orlando shooting takes place, every politic group takes to the media to express their views and, frankly, engage in some offense over it all. Nowadays there's not even a bodies-get-cold period - the accusations fly early as everyone tries to control the narrative.

Utterly absent from this, or so it seems, are religious organizations. Particularly ones with an orthodox bend. I get the impression this is a 'we're above it all' kind of thing on their part. More and more, I really wish they'd get over it and speak up more. All of this 'behold our maturity and our unwillingness to so much as defend ourselves when we're accused of the foulest things' stuff isn't holy, or a good example. It's coming close to traitorous at this point.

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