Thursday, June 2, 2016

David French announces only guys 'unafraid' of giving other men head are REALLY masculine

Well, not really, but close to it.

I don't do much boosting of masculine virtues on here, partly because I think it's secondary to other concerns. But I'm noticing lately that one of the go-to criticisms of Trump is 'He's not strong. He's actually weak! Strong men don't feel the need to attack others or mock them, they don't brag about what they do! They're gentle and sweet and kind and nurturing! Their manliness manifests in quietly doing what they should!' Sometimes 'just like Jesus!' gets tacked on for a failed attempt at poignancy.

And yeah, it does remind me of the title claim, which I have actually heard before. Why, it's only a man who's confident in his sexuality who's willing to put on a dress and be laughed at! Only a guy confident in his sexuality - and that is REAL macho - is willing to give a guy head! Because only a weak guy wouldn't do something he didn't want to do! Right? Right?

Pardon me if I'm unconvinced, and also if I think that all sounds unforgivably stupid besides. It's a commercial for a certain mindset, and a bad one, like insisting that people who REALLY know computers are getting a Dell. Dells are pieces of shit, sucking cock isn't masculine, and being afraid of offending people is actually worse than the cock thing.

That's not to say I don't think criticisms of Trump, even Trump's 'virtues', are possible. Sure they are. The problem is that complete dismissal of Trump's 'virtues' isn't really possible. If Trump is wrong, he's wrong in part. He could be so wrong in part that he's not worth supporting, I suppose. But some things he does, some things he IS, are positive. He gets some things right, he does some things which are praiseworthy. The inability to admit that - the desperate attempt to admit that at all costs - is a flaw. A major one, and it's a hell of a lot more sinister and dangerous than 'Trump attacks his opponents'.

That's really one of my major problems with Trump's conservative detractors. They seem to, literally, oppose everything he's ever said of done. Everything, including his attacks on the media, his standing by his comments about Mexican illegals even as the world rages at him, and more. They hate him so much that they can't give him any credit at all, and that to me is weird and crazy and, yeah, more than a little faggoty. It's not even femininity - it's counterfeit femininity. Guy in drag being a tremendous parody-bitch.

Regardless, I'd say this shit has to end, but I know this is a necessary part of the process. Trump, win or lose, may well have started something that's going to change the lay of the right-wing land. By the end of it, it should look a lot more alt-right. And the French sorts - the eloquent conservatives obsessed with smacking down 'hate speech' and so on? Well they can keep their mouths shut, lower their heads, and just do as they're told until they grow old and pass on, surrendering one more battlefield.

Which, they will insist in whispers, is what -real- masculinity is all about.


Legion of Logic said...

This entire cycle has been more polarized than any I have witnessed. Clinton supporters hate Sanders, Sanders supporters hate Clinton. Republican side was the same between Cruz and Trump.

The most distressing thing I saw on the Republican side was the way Trump supporters demolished Ted Cruz like he was Hillary Obama bin Laden, even though Cruz has pretty well been one of the strongest allies in Washington for conservatives. This cycle, everyone seems to be 100 percent all-in for their candidate, so that no one else can possibly be any good, and anyone criticizing their candidate is Part of the Problem.

Son of Ya'Kov said...

Ah Mr. French! I bet Milo Yiannopoulos wouldn't blow him even for a nice car & a double autographed photo of Reagan and Maggie in a gold frame.

The establishment remnants are just out to try to do what they do best. Loose an election for Republicans and Conservatives.
I mean they don't seriously think they can win? If they thought like that we would all be working on the election of Vice President Palin now that President McCain's two terms is up or we would be working on the re-election of President Romney.

These idiots could NOT win a winnable election in 2012. Do they really believe they can win the ultimate long shot election of running a third party candidate? No of course not (nobody is that stupid) so they must want to loose.

Crude said...


I liked Cruz for a while. The problem I had with him this time around largely came down to when - whether out of desperation or a sudden display of principle - he started to use the exact same tactics against Trump which SJWs typically used. Right down to 'Oh, people are beating up his supporters? Well it's his fault, listen to how he talks' and 'I think he's afraid of women' and so on. Those were, to me, the worst possible things he could have done, and they mark the exact moments where I went from 'Trump's my favorite, but Cruz would be a great second - maybe even a VP?' to 'You know what, on second thought, I do not trust this guy.'

I'd like to hear how Cruz was, in your view, the strongest of allies for conservatives. Not because I doubt it, but because I'm skeptical. I worry that Cruz's conservatism largely is of the same kind of George W Bush's - he's damn conservative when he's in Texas. Once he's in the presidency, it's a new situation. Marco Rubio once upon a time was a 'Tea Party Conservative', as they kept repeating during the campaign. How did that work out?

French, I think, is a good embodiment of a lot of the complaints a certain subsection of conservatives has with Trump: 'Trump says things that people call racist, or sexist, or mean. When people attack him, he has the gall to not just attack back, but be viciously effective. When journalists harass him, he tells them off. SJWs are going to despite him. That's not conservatism. Conservatism is letting people abuse you at all levels of society, and showing the maturity to say nothing. Conservatism is in declaring undying admiration for every person above a certain tax bracket, because wealth is a sign of divine right. Conservatism means trying, above all else, to get the media, academia and especially globalists to like and compliment you.'

If that is conservatism, count me out. As I said, what I find absurd is how people seem incapable of granting any positives to Trump. Fighting back against the media? That's vile - journalists should be cherished. Refusing to allow your language to be policed by SJWs? Unthinkable, they're going to write denunciations of you for decades. Fighting back, brutally, when someone attempts to destroy you? Ungentlemanly, this is not who we are.

Count me out of all of that. I can deal with the criticisms of Trump fine. It's when people pretend his every success is a failing that my patience is lost.

Mr. Green said...

They seem to, literally, oppose everything he's ever said of done.

That comes back to the old strategy of sacrificing all your principles except one because it's better to get that one thing than nothing at all, I reckon. But that would apply just as much to supporting Trump, therefore Trump cannot be right even about one single thing. (I think you're right that they just want someone who will make deals with them. (But they should've found a businessman to explain to them that first you have to have something the other party wants.))