Thursday, June 30, 2016

How did Reason Rally 2016 go?

Wait, what? You didn't realize there WAS a Reason Rally 2016?

Well, there was. So why didn't you hear about it?

Because it was a flop.


JBsptfn said...

In the comments, someone pointed out how more focusing on reason and less focusing on problems with religion (or religion bashing) may have kept some people away.

Crude said...

That's the claim, but I'm skeptical on a number of fronts.

First, 'focusing on reason'? Nice byline, but no, they don't and they didn't. Glancing at the article it mostly seemed to be an Atheist Pride event. 'We're here, and we're a growing constituency!' Except, no, they don't seem to be. Their numbers went down.

Second, I suspect the issue is that 'bashing religion' is a touchy thing right now because of Islam and the fact that it's a voting year, plus these guys skew left heavily. And like it or not, Islam is now another important - indeed, more important - 'growing constituency' on the left.

Third, the Gnus are in shambles. The New Atheist project is dead, and the evidence has swung against its central claim.

JBsptfn said...

It's good to hear. They weren't very productive, anyway.

Speaking of Atheists, Skeppy just posted on the CADRE again. He showed this graph to back up his "claim" that more people switch from Christianity to Atheism than vice versa (It's not from his web site, but another one):

Eclectic Christian: Religious Switching chart

I acknowledged the chart he shared, and then I asked him about feminism and gamergate like you said.

Crude said...


Really, don't take Skep seriously. And for God's sake, don't take his arguments seriously. He is a retard looking for attention. Why do you think he's at CADRE? Sincere interest in the topics you guys discuss? I've watched Skep get his arguments ground into powder over and over. He'll just change the topic.

Save your intellect and time for better targets.

JBsptfn said...

I'm not the one who's arguing with him. I never even heard of this guy until a few months ago. That's when he commented on an entry Don McIntosh wrote in the CADRE about evolution.

I pointed Skeppy's pro-evolution stance out to Stan at Atheism-Analyzed (he is very anti-evolution) and Pogge at Science Against Evolution. Stan and Skep got in a big argument on the CADRE, on Stan's blog, and Skep's blog.

Joe Hinman (Metacrock) is arguing with him right now about this de-conversion stuff. It's gonna be a while. Hinman has had several run-ins with this clown and Papalinton on Skeppy's blog. Joe likes to argue, but it's hard to argue with a scientifically (and in other ways) illiterate person.

BTW, in reply, he said that he is a feminist, which means equal rights for all women to him. He also said that he doesn't know anything about Gamergate, and that he is a liberal (and not a SJW or an A+).

Crude said...

Yep, Skep's a moron. Seriously, it was done for years - literally years - at Reppert's blog, so now he's moved on.

Either way, do as you will. Frankly, I'd say that any Christian blogger which devotes considerable time to interacting with Skep or the known plagiarist is making very poor use of their time. It screams 'desperate for an argument, even with a retard'.

JBsptfn said...

I think the CADRE is more tolerant of people like him. Metacrock used to be an atheist. And, the site is more of a conglomeration of people than just one person in charge.

However, when he did his thing on Stan's blog, he blocked him, and a commenter named Talon told us of his activities on Reppert's blog. He said that you were crushing him in arguments, and then he would come back, and then you crushed him again, and then Reppert got sick of him and blocked him.

Crude said...

He said that you were crushing him in arguments, and then he would come back, and then you crushed him again, and then Reppert got sick of him and blocked him.

Honestly, it's not hard to crush Linton or Skep. Skep's an idiot, and Linton's just bitter and sad plagiarist besides. The more amazing thing was that Victor Reppert, the most patient guy on the internet, ultimately got rid of them both. As a guy who was on Reppert's blog a lot, that puts Skep in the ranks of 'Hardcore anti-semites' and 'Spambots'.

Seriously, both of those guys are the sort of atheists who make other atheists kind of cringe and tiptoe away.