Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Interrupting the SJW payout after a spree shooting

Have you noticed that this spree shooting has a somewhat different, more feral tone than the previous ones? That the usual voices on the left seem a bit more panicked, more insistent, more scared and more angry? There's a reason for that.

Look, whenever there's a prominent gun-related crime, SJWs tend to salivate. This isn't a horrible tragedy for most of them, or for most people in general. For SJWs, news reports of 'multiple dead as a spree shooter runs amok' is to their ears like a can opener is to a dog's. It's a prime opportunity to condemn their enemies and make demands for concessions. Sure, it doesn't always work out for them - they are used to walking away empty handed at times. But it's generally regarded as a kind of lottery ticket occasion, where at the very least they may have won a prize.

Lately, things are different. Once upon a time you could more reliably count on any given spree shooter to be the accursed white male. But nowadays, there's fairly decent odds - especially if the body count is unusually high - that it's instead a gent of vibrant ethnicity with a fondness for Allah. Even this has been more of a bummer than anything else, since the GOP's response has often been to use the diversity moment to try and make the whole issue go away so they don't have to talk about it at all.

Having a major political candidate screaming - to cheers - that it's time to start deporting illegals, blocking immigration from hostile nations and cultures, and more? That's new. Having said spree killer target a prized left-wing demographic, and having said candidate target that demographic with "Why are you putting up with this, join my team" talk? That's also new. And it's frightening, since it changes events like these from 'Oh please oh please I hope this lottery ticket wins big' to 'Oh please oh please I hope this is a lottery ticket and NOT a free steel-toe-booted kick in my balls', in terms of what to expect.

The LGBT thing is driving people bonkers, hence Anderson Cooper growling at a representative to the tune of 'You're saying you want to protect gays from being gunned down and killed but you opposed gay marriage, that doesn't compute!' It's a bit like talking to the guy who beats the shit out of his girlfriend and having him say, 'What do you mean I don't treat her well? So she's got a black eye and a broken nose, I bought her that fucking car she's driving.' Not the healthiest relationship in the world.

Anyway, why people should get used to the death - barring, you know, some actual barriers to mass immigration - the response to it does seem to be changing. There are some new voices that threaten to flip the script, and I'm not sure they're going to go away no matter how this election goes.

Interesting times.

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