Monday, June 20, 2016

Lessons from the culture war

One mentally disturbed kid opens fire in a black church. He was photographed with a confederate flag.

Result: Republicans and Democrats alike declare that each and every confederate flag everywhere and anywhere is a hateful symbol of an evil past and must be eradicated completely from society, lest it continue to cause shootings.

Yet another muslim goes on a shooting spree.

Result: Republicans and Democrats alike refuse to regard this as at all related to Islam. The result is Democrats trying to blame it all on guns and Christians, and Republicans denying the links while not being completely forthright about what the cause may be. Lack of overseas military engagements, perhaps?

Go figure.


Steven Satak said...

Hmmm. I noticed that. I saw it noted elsewhere that we were forbidden, apparently by our betters, to hold the nightclub shooter as representative of all Muslims. At the same time, we were told in no uncertain terms that this assclown - somehow - represents all the gun owners in America.

Crude said...

The most frustrating aspect is that this contradiction is evident, yet no one really points it out. Instead the supposed right wing representatives throw themselves on the lack-of-mercy of the media and the left. We're still seeing sacrifices in the name of this.

And I'm about as southern as a freaking eskimo.

Steven Satak said...

So it's a problem if the guy doesn't fit your Narrative, and it's okay if you can spin it so he does. The contradiction, to my mind, is actually the fun part for the Left.

They WANT you to see the contradiction, to see that it goes against reason, real reason, and yet you are forced to accept and repeat it anyway. It's a huge ego feed for them to push this garbage, knowing as they do that about 66% of the people will accept the mutually exclusive statements as some kind of legitimate fact from the Party of Science and Reason, while the other 33% will grind their teeth at the forced dilemma with no apparent way to strike back.

The answer, of course, is self-evident. Don't fight them on their own ground, sending reason out to deal with unreason. To borrow a phrase, 'the devil is a prowde spirit and cannot endure to be mocked'. Ignore them and laugh at them. Since most of their crazy statements are supported by nothing more than 'shut up' dressed in a cheap suit, it should be pretty easy.