Thursday, June 16, 2016

Most marriages are invalid? Yeah, could be.

So sayeth the Pope.

I actually buy this to a point. I assume that 'sacramental marriage' just means 'a priest did it' and yeah, people - even Catholics - don't exactly take that seriously in the main. Show me the man or woman who says that divorce is not an option if things go south. And without that understanding and commitment, is it valid after all?

Of course, the clergy's part to blame for that, as I suspect an awful lot hedge on that talk - much less the requirement - lest the party find another place to have their expensive wedding. It's a bit like the priest shortage. People bitch, but there's no lack of people - even Catholics - who cringe at the thought of a child, especially an only child, joining the clergy.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't cry foul on the Pope here.


Anonymous said...

He's probably correct. You know - once again - Zippy predicted this long ago:

Anonymous said...

So yes, to be clear - His Holiness is absolutely correct.

Though he says he doesn't know what to do about it. Hmmmmm...this seems important. If he wants to get everyone's thoughts and opinions about this issue, perhaps he should call a conference - a synod, if you will. Make it be about marriage and the family, say. Seems like the perfect opportunity to discuss this issue!

Now why hasn't the Pope done something like that?

Crude said...

Well, 'what to do about it' is a landmine. I think in principle it's pretty easy to solve for Catholics. This isn't an esoteric magic spell here - you can explain what's expected of a married couple pretty clearly if you want to. Give me five minutes and I can do it.

But then we'll have to tackle the problem of people who know what they're getting into and still divorce. That's a lot stickier as a problem.

Anonymous said...


The other key here: If the problem is a massive number of invalid marriages, the solution is not lots and lots of annulments, it's convalidations after a period of education.

One again, if this was such a serious and widespread problem, maybe they should have been discussing it during some sort of synod about the family, say.

planks length said...

Hey, Crude. Thought you'd like to know that Skeppy has just called you (and all other Trump supporters) "stupid" and "not sensible" over on his blog.

Crude said...

Considering Skep is instantly and correctly pegged as a retard on any blog he visits other than his own, it ain't exactly stinging.

Ask him if he's doing his share to welcome mass muslim immigration into the west. I know he's a full-blown special needs case, but he strikes me as one who's all cucked out besides. ;)