Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando slaughter is Church's fault too, says local bishop

Such encouraging leadership Catholics can look to in their clergy.

Sure, we're talking about a muslim who pledged loyalty to ISIS and who was, to top it all off, apparently gay himself. But blaming Islam goes against the left-wing narrative and political zeitgest of the moment - and thus, it cannot be done. In the process, we get to see exactly what altars some Catholic clergy really kneel to and pray at when the chips are down.

Of course, the real effect of all this - the real purpose of it - is to try and turn yet another radical muslim spawned massacre into a topic switch, and in particular, a cudgel to beat Christianity with. If Islam can't be shielded from the fallout, then the next best thing is to blame 'religion', full stop - with a mighty eye on Christians.

Which will be celebrated by many Christians, who see their role as Christians to be either A) helping undermine the faith, or B) perpetually apologizing for everything, real and imagined, all while glaring angrily at anyone who doesn't engage in near-constant self-mortification, and doing their part to make sure every remaining Catholic out there is hated, even when they have nothing to do with the crime in question.

Funny how secular apathy and hostility towards Christianity never gets cited when we talk about all the Christians ISIS kills, while the West turns a blind eye.

Pardon me if I refuse to give these guys respect. Catholicism does not mean loyalty to the transparently anti-Catholic, even if he's got a bishop's mitre on.


James said...

You've got that right, Crude. All we need next is someone to burn down a major U.S. city, and the Gnus will channel the ghost of Nero in blaming Christians. I swear, I haven't witnessed a bigger pack of desperate, incorrigible morons, encouraged by the wet noodle clergy that would own up to genocide as long as someone, somewhere accused them of it.

Crude said...

If it were just the Gnus, this would be simpler. Unfortunately this whole situation has made it so gnu-sympaticos like Rubin are acknowledging sense (minority in a minority as they are), while the caring religious are playing kapo.

At the very least, this bishop is retiring soon. In a better world he'd be out on his ass by force.