Saturday, June 18, 2016

Quick Thoughts for Saturday

* It's supposed to be some tremendous faux pas that someone asked the Dali Lama if they ever saw Caddyshack, but honestly, I think it's just fine. For one thing, Caddyshack has a pretty memorable line about him. For another, why this decorum? I thought we were supposed to be in an era where religion was no longer an off-limit topic, but we have to walk on pins and needles for this guy? Screw that. I would have asked him if they ever saw Penn and Teller's 'Bullshit' episode about him.

* In a sane world, Lt Governor Cox would be mocked and ridiculed out of office for being such a grandstanding pussy. He feels the need to apologize for 'perpetrating homophobia' because he made gay jokes in the past, and the Orlando shooting made him feel terrible? Then get out of office, because someone who's so lacking in a proper sense of proportion has no business in government. Trust me, the only people who make more gay jokes than Republicans are gay people themselves, and if they really care about this thing days after getting explicitly targeted by a muslim assassin, they've got some serious problems. You can write your own joke about his last name.

* Also, has anyone noticed that absolutely everything BUT Islam is getting blamed for an explicitly ISIS-connected, Islam-conducted mass shooting at a gay bar? Let's put this in perspective. The various death-penalty-or-thereabouts bans on homosexual activity in various Islamic countries, and the support for it throughout their cultures, isn't being discussed. But this:

This is considered to be contributing to an atmosphere of homophobia which ultimately culminates in mass murder.

Yeah, I'll buy that the moment Jesus' presence in Family Guy or South Park is considered a root cause of Christians being slaughtered throughout the middle east. Actually, no, I won't, but at least then it'll be consistent.

* Regarding the Pope's off the cuff remarks - I don't mind that the Pope's speaking frankly, even crudely. The addiction to decorum is something Catholics have to get over. That said, while refusing to baptize the children of unwed mothers is one thing, I suspect the real issue is that these priests refuse to allow a nice big shindig to be made out of it, whereupon respectability is conferred upon the mother who, more often than not, fucked up in a culture-rotting way. You can baptize a kid in seconds - let the priests do that. No big ceremony without the mother having confessed and atoned. And if she can't do that because she doesn't think she did anything wrong, well - again. You can do it in seconds.

* The Pope's comment about not putting their noses in people's moral lives is a joke. It says more about his politics and his weaknesses than anything, and I go back to what I've said: this is a pope who the Holy Spirit does not work with, but in spite of. Being more frank: this is a Pope who feels awkward as all hell having to even pretend to regard same-sex marriage and abortion and other sins as, you know, sins. It's a pain in the ass for him, because he really wants to champion the trendiest social justice issues of the moment. But he also apparently feels that if he doesn't at least pay lip service to those things, the Holy Spirit is going to move a worker at the Vatican to hurl his ass off a balcony. In the meantime, I really hope that the Pope someday starts lecturing to a president (hopefully a President Trump) about economic policy, only to be cut off mid-sentence, bluntly informed that he doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about, and to stick to what he knows. It will be a moment of grand divine hilarity if the lack of respect for holy office happens just around the time where liberal clergy finally feel in a position to speak from the pulpit as opposed to the shadows. God's got a sense of humor.

* Regarding the papal transcripts being edited after the fact, I really wish a reporter would just ask Father Lombardi "Hey, do you think it does any damage to the church to have a press office that is so transparently full of shit?" Maybe someone from Breitbart will do it.


The Deuce said...

So you've got a pope who thinks it's a priest's role to stick his nose into economic policy and immigration law, but not his flock's moral lives.

I really hope that the Pope someday starts lecturing to a president (hopefully a President Trump) about economic policy, only to be cut off mid-sentence, bluntly informed that he doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about, and to stick to what he knows.

A good comeback would be "Just because you're not interested in your supposed field of expertise doesn't mean you know anything about mine."

As for the edited transcripts, I suppose Francis is trying to vindicate those people who have called him a communist by editing inconvenient parts of the historical record in a way that would do Stalin proud.

Anonymous said...

The weird thing is that for so many people the "most marriages are invalid" thing seems to be the straw breaking the camel's back (so they claim - I'd imagine it's all bluster) when it's one of the few "controversial comments" he's made that I actually agree with.

Crude said...


I suspect it has less to do with the intellectual aspect of the issue and more to do with fatigue. For a lot of Francis defenders, their hearts don't seem to be into it, and I suspect a chunk of it is residual well-meaning loyalty from having to defend probably two popes who were a lot more worthy of being defended. That plus 'most marriages are probably invalid' is a combination of personal ("Is he saying MY marriage is probably invalid too!?") and moral ("So we really ARE going to hand out annulments like ****ing candy?")


I don't think editing the transcripts is all that bad, since here it's just a glorified case of 'walking it back'. It's less Stalin and more 'typical politician'. Then again, I suppose that says a lot about our politicians too.