Sunday, June 26, 2016

Strawman Dialogues: Frank the Father edition

A: Wow, you look like hell.
B: Thanks, just what I needed to hear.
A: Seriously though, look at you. Black eye, busted lip, bruises.
B: I know. Can you just patch me up a bit? I'm too out of it.
A: Okay, but...
B: Don't.
A: No, we have to talk about this.
B: Don't.
A: I'm not going to keep patching you up forever you know. Just because Frank's your father doesn't mean you have to put up with this shit.
B: Well, yes it does, so let's just drop it.
A: Here, tell me why he gave you the black eye.
B: He didn't mean to.
A: Oh really?
B: Yeah man, totally.
A: And he told you this?
B: Well, no.
A: Of course not.
B: Look, Lombardo came over afterwards. He said it was all a big misunderstanding and nothing to get worked up about, okay?
A: Lombardo always says that. How come Frank never does?
B: He's busy.
A: Not too busy to give you a busted lip. Did he apologize for that too?
B: Well, no. But I deserved that.
A: Why?
B: Well, I just did.
A: What did you do to deserve your dad splitting your lip open?
B: Well, I said Larry has been stealing money from my wallet.
A: ...Larry HAS been stealing money from your wallet. We have him on tape.
B: Yeah, but Larry's Dad's friend.
A: So?
B: So Dad doesn't like it when I accuse his friends of stealing.
A: But...
B: It just causes trouble, man.
A: Yeah, the trouble being that Frank keeps humiliating you.
B: No he's not, he's just doing what he thinks is best.
A: You can at least speak up for yourself.
B: Frank hates that.
A: Frank takes shit from people all the time, man. It's YOU who he doesn't take shit from, and it seems to be because he thinks you'll just take it.
B: No man, that's not right. His house, his...
A: It's not his house, man. That house is owned by your family. There's rules there, and Frank's barely following them.
B: Technically he's..
A: Technically bullshit. That's one thing Frank can't take away from you. Those rules are whatever they are, and even Frank has to follow those.
B: And those rules say to listen to Frank when..
A: Frank doesn't give a fuck who follows the rules except YOU. And he's afraid of you too. When you actually stand up for yourself, Frank backs off. You just never do it.
B: Frank will be angry.
A: Frank will deal with it. Because I'm sick of you justifying every black nose, busted eye and broken arm he gives you just because he's your dad. Your dad apologizes to fucking everyone. He should apologize to you too.

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