Monday, June 27, 2016

The Genteel Nature of the SJW

So, in the wake of the UK's leave vote, we've seen some ugliness.

We've seen outrage that old people are able to vote, because - after all - what did they ever do to deserve a say in the future of their country?

We've seen demands that a referendum, previously treated as binding by law and honor (when the left thought victory was certain) be cast aside as useless, a sham, and something that should be overturned by any means necessary.

We've seen the UK's poor mocked as morons and racists who shouldn't even have a say in how their future is shaped, much less how their own nation is run. Same with those who didn't move on to get a literature degree from the Lord's Royal University at Mouthington-Hunterforge.

What's key here isn't that leftists are raging. It's that they're raging against people and ideals that they supposedly cherish more than anyone else. 'Leftists against the poor, the uneducated, the elderly, and popular votes.' It doesn't exactly sound right, does it? Someone's gone off-script.

It almost makes you wonder if a sizable portion of them aren't bullshitting, you know?

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K T Cat said...

Why can't the peasants just do as they're told?