Saturday, June 25, 2016

What a week!

This is just an amazing week.

* Brexit succeeds, complete with Nigel Farage unwittingly turbo-trolling the entire world by conceding then unconceding multiple times live and on the air. I'm sure this was just a bit of pessimism on his part, but this is a moment where pessimism accidentally turns into a hilarious kind of cruelty. He may as well have been playing the part of Bugs Bunny during a poker game. 'I've got a full house! What do you have?' "Gosh, I just have two pair... see? A pair of ones... and another pair of ones!"

* Once upon a time I called Richard Carrier a handjob with poor impulse control, and that evaluation continues to prove apt. I'd say one should wait to hear his side of the story in a matter like this, but let me be honest: I think at this point Richard Carrier is the Michael Jackson of atheism. Not because he's talented (please), or even because he's super well-known (he is not), but because you only need a minute of observation to realize you're dealing with a creepy, fucked up individual. You think I'm talking about his hair, but no: just read him describe his polyamory. Tell me if he doesn't sound like the sort of guy who women absolutely, positively do not want to be left alone in a room with.

* Trump slammed out a speech about Hillary Clinton that left even her supporters nervous. I think, at this point, the fear isn't just that Trump can win. It's that he can make her into a failure even if she manages to stumble her way across the finish line.

Of course, there's been more than that. Annoying statements by the Pope, and alt-tabbing shows me that Cardinal Marx is calling on the Church to apologize to gays and respect relationships where anal sex is center stage. But those three happenings are, taken together, either great (The speech, Brexit) or sufficiently hilarious for me to call this week a win.

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