Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Being immoral and being a moral pervert

Offhand, I'd define an immoral person as a person who does what is immoral - especially if, in some sense, they realize what they're doing is immoral. A person who lies and who can generally admit, and even in retrospect admit, lying is wrong.

A moral pervert seems like a less-than-ideal name for someone who advocates, as moral, something that's actually immoral or amoral. 'Aborting a healthy child if you're poor is the right thing to do!' That's the cry of a moral pervert. There should be a better word for this, since 'moral pervert' sounds like a pervert who's pretty good most of the time. Wrong idea being conveyed.


Craig said...

"Perverted conscience" gets most of the idea across, but doesn't necessarily imply advocacy and of course isn't a term for a person. The concept is clear enough but I can't think of a good name either.

B. Prokop said...

I think amoral fits the bill adequately. Most abortion proponents favor the procedure, not because it is evil, but because they do not believe morality comes into play at all. I've had (fruitless) conversations with "pro-choicers" who claim to not believe a fetus is a human being, and therefore my concerns about human life are to them irrelevant.

Until you can convince them that they are dealing with human lives in the womb, all attempts to bring in the immorality of abortion will fall on deaf ears.

Crude said...


I have no interest in evaluating people's moral stances by what -they- think of them. If someone believes in abortion on demand, 'moral pervert' works just fine. That they insist that 9 month olds aren't children doesn't upset me. This isn't about convincing them, but classifying them.

I actually didn't have abortion in mind here besides.

Anonymous said...

"Perverted conscience" is the phrase that occurred to me too. If your conscience still works, you can (perhaps later) still see that an action was something bad. But it's possible for your conscience to get so corrupted or deadened that you cease to recognise the wrongness at all, and can even sincerely promote it as something good.

Or simply "depraved". De + pravus, thoroughly perverse. That fits.