Saturday, July 30, 2016

On muslim heroes

Tell me that a given muslim emigrated to the US, joined the US military, and then gave his life in this or that conflict. Call him a hero. Sure, I won't object.

But if you turn around and then bitterly say that that young man who gave his life wouldn't have had the opportunity to be such a hero if Islamic immigration was temporarily banned, what can I say - I'm unmoved. Because it's a stupid argument hinged entirely on an emotional appeal, which can be answered by holding up any picture of a muslim bomber of spree-killer and asking how many people would be alive if they were barred from entry or even deported.

If we bar all muslim immigration into the US, there is no doubt in my mind that we will end up barring some great individuals. But we'll also end up barring muslim culture at large, and that's a tangible good itself to many.

If the cost of honoring a muslim war hero means we must allow massive muslim immigration, then the cost is too high, and to hell with the hero. Funny how no number of mothers of children slain by illegal immigrants rouses ever seems to result in talk of how they're owed anything.

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