Friday, July 8, 2016

Pope urges pride in motherland, resistance to globalism and colonization by foreigners

Oh wait, he's talking about Argentina.
“Yes, children of the homeland,” Francis continues. “At school we were taught to refer to it as the Motherland, to love the motherland. This is where the root of patriotic sentiment lies: in the love for the motherland. In Argentina we have a bold and sometimes quirky expression to refer to people without scruples: “this guy’s even capable of selling his own mother”. But we know, deep down that a Mother in never for sale, you can’t sell your Mother… and neither can you sell the Motherland.” 
I'm pretty sure this contrasts with his admonitions to America and Europe, which goes along the lines of, 'You have to accept an absolutely unlimited number of illegal immigrants and refugees, as well as tons of foreign entanglements, or else Jesus hates you.'

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