Friday, July 8, 2016

Rooftop Snipers? That's new.

Remember: saying that abortion is murder is hate-fueled hate-language, and whenever some off-his-meds bum shoots in the direction of an abortion clinic, pro-lifers are personally responsible.

But when some crazy black commando in the traditional dress of a black supremacist gets up on a roof and goes on a sniping spree, it's got nothing to do with protesters. Even if he screams that he wants to kill white people and he's a big Black Lives Matters supporter.

Someone should tell Obama that this guy could have been his son. I'd love to see the look on his face if that's brought up in a press conference.

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GoldRush Apple said...

Remember the national discussion when two NYC cops were gunned down in broad daylight to avenge the deaths of Garner and Brown? I did. But that wasn't because it was talked about nationally.

Youtube has a "feature" listing reactions about the Lousiana & Minnesota shootings. Mostly all of them are expressing the "STOP KILLING US!" mentality. True. Stop killing innocent people who don't pose a threat, but not one of them mentioned any police training reform or higher standards for police training. All featured videos just talked about how police brutality is unfairly targeting blacks and how racism is alive.